Health Hack: Christmas Stockings: 5 Suggestions For Healthy Stocking Stuffers


In my family, Christmas stockings are filled with candy. There are a few other trinkets, yes, but where I come from, a stocking is traditionally and primarily candy. Now, I’m not necessarily complaining about this (no one can pry my plastic candy cane filled with Hershey’s kisses away from me) but I’m old enough to acknowledge that starting Christmas morning with a sugar rush isn’t the healthiest thing ever. And that’s why this week’s Health Hack is all about Christmas stockings. At the risk of looking like a healthy-minded grinch, here are a few suggestions to this Christmas tradition just a little bit better for you.



Fruit has long been a Christmas stocking staple, but why not toss the sweets and fill the whole thing with apples, oranges and other fruit? Photo: Shutterstock

Lip Balm

Lip balm is a useful little present to receive in a stocking. This one is chai tea flavored and from Maker Monkey on Etsy


Like lip balm, soap is small enough to fit in a stocking, but useful. This one is chocolate peppermint (maybe not as good as ACTUAL chocolate but go with me here). You can buy it at Handcrafted by Erikka on Etsy


These are my favorite nutrition/energy/snack bars. They come in a million flavors (including chocolate-y ones) and are gluten-free. Purchase at KIND

Sudoku Or Other Puzzle Games

I'm not a fan of sudoku, but I do love me a good crossword. Puzzle games would be a fun gift to give or receive in a stocking (and they're great for holiday travel, too) Photo: Shutterstock

Photo: Shutterstock

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