What Are Beyonce, Ellen Degeneres, Jon Hamm & Others Collectively Rallying For?

After what happened just over a week ago in Newton, CT, the call to arms (or a lack thereof) has been swift and strong on a range of issues. From those who seek more gun control to the need for easier access to quality mental healthcare to the NRA’s rather ridiculous idea that there should be a “mental health database,” all the way to even more absurd arguments, there has been constant talk about what should and must be done to prevent further violent tragedies. A quick response from celebrities has also gone underway, including the new “Demand A Plan” PSA.

Several celebrities, including Zooey Deschanel, Cameron Diaz, Paul Rudd, Chris Rock and many others, have come together to rally for one thing: a plan to end gun violence. They begin with listing off multiple mass shootings, including Virginia Tech, Columbine and Aurora, then focusing on Newtown. They ask, “How many more?” — a question I know I have asked myself numerous times, particularly this past week, and I can only assume millions of others are doing the same.

This isn’t the first celebrity call to action this week. A couple days ago, a full page ad in the New York Times was taken out of behalf of several famous folks, including signatures from Lady Gaga, Martha Stewart and MC Hammer.

As much as I find PSAs involving a tons of celebrities to be a little hokey, this one definitely felt very moving, perhaps because the topic is so sensitive right now. But therein lies the problem — it’s currently a hot button issue, so we’re discussing it. The fact of the matter is that there are still thousands of people dying each year as a direct result of gun violence, most of whom are not killed in highly-profiled, newsworthy stories. So as much as it’s important to be sending our attention to this issue right now, it was equally important a month, a year, five years ago. It will be important next week, next month, next year. We can’t let ourselves forget that just because the PSAs stop airing and the hashtags stop trending.

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    • Rose Hills

      Yeah, let’s criminalize guns the way we have drugs. Then we can have another “war” to fight, replete with shady characters making uber amounts of money illegally and killing lots of people who dare to get in their way. We can also pay for the criminals who get caught by putting them in jail or prison (for having or selling guns). Meanwhile, anyone who wants a gun can still buy one on the streets and shoot up whomever they wish. Grow up and deal with reality, people. A law against guns will not make us safer.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dave-Carroll/100003342890124 Dave Carroll

        Hey well all the celebrities say we should do it and they know what’s best for us right? They sure act like it.