Previously Conjoined Twins Make Post-Separation Debut

conjoined twins

After all the devastating news of the past week regarding children, it’s always wonderful to hear about something positive happening. In fact, this news is doubly great: it involves twins! Conjoined twins, actually, who have made their debut as separated and healthy just in time for the holidays.

Allison June and Amelia Lee Tucker, a 9-month-old set of conjoined twins from Adams, NY, were successfully separated last month on November 7 at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Having been previously connected at the lower chest and abdomen, the twins shared their chest wall, diaphragm, liver and pericardium (the membrane around the heart). Fortunately, the now physically independent babies seem “alert and happy.”

According to doctors, “they’re both fighters,” and have done extremely well post-surgery, with Allison having been discharged already and Amelia expected to be released sometime after the new year.

“We totally expect them to have full, independent lives,” said Dr. Holly Hedrick, a pediatric surgeon speaking at a press conference.

Their parents, Shellie and Greg Tucker, are overjoyed, having been very anxious about the surgery but thinking that it “wouldn’t be fair to not give them a chance” at separation. While this is an extremely happy ending, I was a little saddened to read Shellie’s recollection of finding out about her twins’ condition.

“[The doctor] said, ‘You’re having twins,’ and my heart dropped. And then she said, ‘I think they’re connected,’ and my heart dropped again… Their recommendation was to terminate.”

Now, while I am fully, 100% in favor of a woman’s right to choose, I am not quite so much a fan of doctors recommending that choice. When you’re in a position where you have already decided to follow throw with a pregnancy and you find out that your child (or children) could have a serious medical condition, it’s entirely up to you as parents to decide what to do. But when a trusted professional tells you what you should do with regard to your family or planned family, I don’t think it’s very appropriate nor respectful. Of course, if she asked for this recommendation, then just ignore this little paragraph altogether.

In any case, I am excited for the Tucker family, particularly these twins, and am thrilled that their surgery was so successful when several years ago, it would not be possible (or at least not as likely to work). Go modern science!

conjoined twins with santa

Photos: ABC News

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    • Flippy

      Maybe you should determine if she ASKED for the doctor’s recommendation before you make such a statement, then maybe you’d be able to avoid writing that little paragraph.

    • Shelley B

      So glad they did not terminate the pregnancy- I can’t believe the doctors recommended that! Praise God, and bless this family and these precious girls!

      • Thyme Forbed

        why on earth would anyone vote down this post?

    • DarwinRules

      How much did these two bundles of joy cost the insurance company or the tax payers?

      • Anony Dude

        Who cares? Being born conjoined amounts to an accident, and that deserves to be treated if feasible. I guarantee if it was your baby in need of surgery you wouldn’t ask such a question,

      • Kangrrl

        Random accident of nature= that’s what insurance is for, dummy. How much are you going to cost the insurance company if you get cancer? Sure, it would be a lot cheaper to end your life before all that chemo and treatment. But guess it’ll be worth it, huh?

    • Dave Jensen

      So let me get this right… You are 100% for a woman’s right to choose as long as she remains uninformed about it. Heaven forbid, the doctor tells you that your life is in danger! Or on the flip-side, heaven forbid the doctor tells you the little child growing inside you is healthy and has all his fingers and toes. Just keep the mother in the dark and let her make the choice on her own (oh yeah, the child also gets no say).

      • Stephanie

        A parent can be informed about the severity of baby’s condition without being told to have them killed.

      • Guest

        No doctor “tells” a mother to have an abortion, he simply gives her the option and she can choose for herself, which is how it should be.

      • meteor_echo

        The “child” gets no say because it is not at the stage where it is viable yet. It doesn’t have a properly formed speaking apparatus. Otherwise, I concur – an informed decision is important at all stages of pregnancy.

    • montananext

      It is a sad truth that in this world, human life is cheap – even in America. Where human life valued in America, we would have national health care.

      • jean_e_lane

        No. If human life were valued in America, we wouldn’t have all the school shootings, mall shootings, etc. that we do. They would not be eliminated, but would not be as prevalent.

    • Mary Contrary

      I thought I was reading a news piece and instead got an editorial on abortion. I really don’t care what you think.

      • jean_e_lane

        I don’t this this is a news piece. It both appears as reads as a blog entry. Blame Google and Yahoo for pretending something is news.

    • Rose Hills

      From what I understand, it’s standard for doctors to recommend abortion when they discover the baby has a disease: Down Syndrome, etc. Often, the doctors’ diagnosis is wrong and the babies are born healthy. Every baby and every soul has a right to life — whether they’re disabled, diseased, or not. The pro-abortion culture in this country is scary.

      • soke84661

        It is a culture of death, Rose whether before birth or after birth. That’s why we need 40,000,000 guns in the hands of the citizenry.

      • WaStConcerned

        …then support those “diseased or disabled” children after birth througout their life……not destroy programs that give them some (very little) support.

        An while you are at it, support all those children that mothers wished to abort because they couldn’t financial or emotionally raise them.

      • Thyme Forbed

        Their are more parents waiting to adopt than there are abortions per year.

      • Premiere Final

        Then why are there still parents waiting to adopt? Because they want a little perfect baby who looks like they do. Most of the children waiting to be adopted don’t fit that bill. So the picky would-be parents whine about abortion rather than adjust their criteria to fit the actual demographics of available children. Boo-flippin-hoo.

      • meteor_echo

        A little perfect WHITE baby, for most part. A pretty one, too. And with a perfect medical history, of course.

      • brinniewales

        So, Thyme Forbid, Premiere Final and meteor_echo, how many children have you adopted and have they had special needs or disabilities?

      • meteor_echo

        It’s adorable how you bundle me with the pro-lifers here. I’m not going to adopt anyone at all, because I’m childfree. However, I’m going to volunteer to help children from the abusive families, and I already am helping people who have been abused. What about you? Do you have anything to gloat about, or are you just good at misreading stuff?

      • William R. James

        Every soul? So, since they came from the same fertilized egg, did it have two souls? Or do each of the twins now only have half a soul each? Did the team who separated them have a priest who was successful in separating the shared soul as the surgeons were successful in separating the shared chest cavity? Inquiring minds want to know!

      • James Loughran

        25% of American children go to bed not knowing where their next meal is coming from. The majority of children who get food stamps live in families who can not find decent wages because the conservatives have kept wages frozen since 1969. What is scary is the right wing pro-fetus and abandonment of the developed child. Love the fetus, hate the child.

    • Ron Rathbun

      So these children that you so joyfully hold up as a monument to mass murder….. You would have no problem in having them murdered in the guise of “right to choose”. Sick.

      • Samantha_Escobar

        They’re not a “monument to mass murder.” Their health is “good news.”

    • shann

      It is hard to say if a decision is right or wrong until the end result is known. The parents have every right to take a decision based on the information they have and also based on their own belief. The decision can be right or wrong; only the end result will tell if the decision was right.

    • soke84661

      So now they can live normal lives and run the risk of getting shot at in kidnergarten? How nice for them.

    • l

      I think she raises a good point. You people don’t take the time to read. She said that the recommendation should be given after the patient asks. That is all. Chill out.

    • Thyme Forbed

      Its so easy to murder an innocent unborn child, and to never think of it again? No, most women who have had abortions regret it, or think about it more than they would admit to anyone. Every life deserves a chance, and no person should be able to play God and destroy the miracle that grows inside. Whether you believe in God or not, it is still a miracle, and to simply throw a life away because you made a mistake or there “might ” be something wrong, is a tragedy.

      • JemRose01

        Is it a miracle when that woman is raped and carrying a child of the rapist? No. Some women don’t want kids and can live with abortions. Is it wrong? I don’t know and It s non of my business what other woman want. So mind your own business.

      • meteor_echo

        No, conception and pregnancy are not a miracle, they’re complicated but altogether natural biological processes (in case of IVF, they’re also scientific procedures). Also, where exactly is your ilk AFTER a new person is born? Are you supporting those children? Do you volunteer anywhere? Do you help rejected children? Nope, you only blame and shame. Indeed, Carlin was right: if you’re pre-born, you’re fine, but if you’re pre-school, you’re fucked.

      • James Loughran

        Of course people wish they weren’t in a position that required termination of a pregnancy. Your globular assumption is based on a false premise.

    • Gossip The World

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    • James Loughran

      Doctors routinely tell patients the worst case scenario as well as other outcomes. They would be sued for misleading otherwise. The medical world is not easily understood by the general public and that ignorance is particularly obvious in Ms. Escobar’s statement.

    • Liberal Solutions

      Being an informed liberal, I believe that the mother should be able to exterminate and expell any mass within her at any time. It’s really only human when it can defend itself. What’s the big deal anyway? It was George Bush and other damn republicans who wanted to make these things have a say before they could talk. I just am worried about the cost of keeping these things alive now. It was irresponsible on the parents to make these babies a burden on the state.

    • alesxus

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