Resolution Round-Up: Real Women, Real Resolutions For 2013


What are your New Years resolutions?

“Create a healthier work/life balance. Allow myself to be open/vulnerable to new people/opportunities. Take my vitamins.” - Nicole, multimedia producer, Washington, D.C.

“Learn a new language; visit a country I’ve never been to before.” - Save the Assistants author Lilit Marcus, Brooklyn, New York

“Recite a mantra daily.” - Sarah G., Cincinnati, OH

“Be mindful! Learn to meditate. And take risks with my personal style.” – Blisstree blogger, freelance writer, poet and doula Carrie Murphy

“More IRL life spending. Running.” – Brooke G., designer, San Francisco

“Daily spiritual practice, (yoga, meditation, reading, journaling).” – Beth M., Pennsylvania

“Regularly under 30 on 5k and 10k under an hour; a better half time; and something bigger or better on bike. Hey, I met my 2012 resolutions so I have high hopes for these!” - Ruth Alexander, teacher, Piqua, Ohio

“Less time with screens.” - Alex Schmidt, writer, Los Angeles

“Financial health! My first step was to face the man – got a credit report and learning to understand my debt.” - Sylvia M., theater artist, Virginia

“Give up diet coke (yeah right), go to Europe, get a new tattoo, get on a better sleeping schedule.” – Elle Fowler, beauty blogger,

“Lose the extra weight to run half marathon (easier on the joints).” - Sonia S.

“Cook at home more often, more cardio, & girl’s night at least once a month!” - Allison G., Cincinnati, Ohio


 …. and yours? 

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