Justin Bieber Vaguely Apologizes For Smoking Pot On Day Paparazzo Was Killed

Justin Bieber pot photos

In the event that you’ve turned on the television in the last twelve hours, you probably have already heard about the increasingly huge Justin Bieber pot photo controversy. As is expected when any celebrity is suspected of drug use, there’s a considerable amount of coverage on the topic; however, because of Bieber’s very enormous and very young fan base that undoubtedly looks up to his decisions, the media is in an absolute frenzy on the topic.

The teen idol, 18, was photographed on January 2 holding a “suspicious” cigarette that looks quite a bit like a “smoldering blunt” while in a Newport Beach hotel room for a party. After the photos were posted on TMZ yesterday, questions began rising regarding the timing. On New Year’s Day, a paparazzo was killed while in pursuit of Bieber’s Ferrari — apparently because he strongly suspected the singer to be in possession of marijuana at the time.

According to sources at the party, 19-year-old Dallas rapper Lil Twist was among those in attendance. In fact, he and his brother were allegedly the ones giving marijuana to the guests. And a kicker to the whole situation? Lil Twist was also apparently the one driving the car when the paparazzo tailing the Ferrari was killed.

So far, there hasn’t been any outright admittance from anyone’s camp, but the pictures do paint quite the picture. One of the photos in question, in which Bieber looks astoundingly like Ricky Martin in the 80s:

Justin Bieber pot photos

Credit: TMZ.com

In a potential response to all the controversy, Bieber tweeted, “Everyday growing and learning. trying to be better. u get knocked down, u get up. Back on tour tomorrow. ready to see u all smile. time to do what im supposed to be doing. performing. #BELIEVEtour.” Well, glad he can advertise his concerts while semi-admitting to doing drugs, but it kind of makes me wonder where his publicist is.

So, perhaps Bieber is “trying to be better,” but he would garner a lot more respect from many people — myself included — if he was honest and straightforward about his involvement in the party and potential drug use. Plus, it clears up (at least some) further speculation on the issue while showing respect for his fans — particularly the young ones who see him as a role model.

Photos: Hugh Dillon/WENN.com and TMZ

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    • Amy

      Why would anyone care? I know very few people who haven’t at least tried marijuana, generally in college.

    • karina

      you let down so many fans, justin. I loved you but now… i dont even know anymore. what happened to you? you say you love us but no… you dont. if you did, you would have thought b4 doing what you did that day. you’re a selfish son of a b—- who doesn’t care about anyone but yourself. you have no idea how much it hurts me to say this. i was a fan since 2009 and i thought you were going to stay grounded. I believed you when you said you would never do drugs and alcohol when you were 16, but you lied. you’re just like the rest of those stars, and for me to think you actually cared about your fans, i was blind. you only donate to charity so ppl will think ur a certian way, but ur not. deep inside, you know that the only reason you do stuff like that and tell us u love us is b/c it promotes YOU. that’s all u care about. yourself…

    • B-Dub

      Honestly, who cares? Pot is legal in two US States so far. The majority of Americans support it being decriminalized. Even the government is getting tired of prosecuting it. Drug prohibition, like alcohol prohibition, is a failed concept. I don’t even particularly care for JB but he has every right to do as he pleases as long as it doesn’t infringe on the rights of others. So you “fans” that are tripping over this, y’all need to calm down.
      To each their own.