Celebrity Weight Loss Tip Not To Follow: Padma Lakshmi’s ‘Weight Loss Poem’

padma lakshmi weight loss tips

So, Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi has her own website (padmalakshmi.com). And according to a couple of posts under the “taste” content category, she also has some wonky ideas about diet and health, including a “weight loss poem,” that helps her drop pounds, “without any exercise.” File this under: Celebrity weight loss tips not to follow.

According to her blog post, the poem goes like this:

No meat, no sweets, no wheat, no cheese, no alcohol, no fried food.

She uses it whenever she “needs to lose weight,” and she recommends it as a post-holiday slim-down mantra for readers, too:

I followed this regimen for the entire month of October and managed to lose weight without any exercise. The guidelines are very strict—you can’t eat even a crumb of toast—but it’s a healthy and mindful way to lose weight in a small time frame. White meat such as fish, turkey, or chicken breast are acceptable, but there is absolutely no red meat allowed. Small amounts of potatoes or rice are also fine, but it should be kept to a minimum. If you follow this poem for the entire month of January, not only will you feel clearheaded but you will also most certainly lose weight.

The diet rules themselves aren’t terrible, or even that weird (although she’s basically hopping on the gluten-free trend, which doctors have repeatedly emphasized isn’t a great weight loss technique for people who don’t have a gluten sensitivity or Celiac Disease). But her emphasis on cutting out major food groups to drop weight without exercise isn’t really a sustainable or balanced way to lose weight (and for most people, neither is her pre-meal cleansing cranberry juice cocktail, but that’s another blog post for another day).

As a model who’s also a professional eater for a few weeks every year, Lakshmi is constantly asked about how she manages her weight. She’s told Playboy about her fast metabolism, and–especially when she was a paid spokesperson for Danskin’s “Move for Change” campaign–she’s also discussed her favorite workouts. All of which has made her seem pretty down to earth for someone whose body and weight are literally in the spotlight as part of her career. But repeating rhymes about what not to eat for rapid weight loss, and encouraging fans to yo-yo with periodically restrictive diets  is far from her best advice.

To each his own, but just…don’t listen to Padma this time, folks.

Photo: Courtesy of Bravo TV

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    • Alexandra

      The only reason “gluten free” isn’t a great weightloss technique is because people start eating things like gluten free cakes and chips.
      If you replace your wheat with veggies you WILL lose weight.
      She’s also probably replacing wheat with less processed carbs like brown rice and quinoa, which are far healthier than bread and pasta.

    • Janna

      She is absolutely right in her advice and that’s how I eat all the time. It is not a restrictive diet, with the abundance of produce all year round there is no way you will go hungry. You look at what you CAN eat. She clarifies that fish, lean turkey and chicken (real, not processed) are OK and these are your best protein sources along with the eggs. Your major sources of carbs should be vegetables and fruit (7 servings of the first, 2-3 of the second otherwise sugar from fruit will raise your blood sugar). Half a cup of whole grains (and I mean whole grains, not whole grain breads that contain sugar, yeast and preservatives) a day is fine but most days I feel that I don’t even want them, I just cook them for my family. Sugar and the processed foods make you fat. Give it up. Sugar actually acts like a drug in your system, you keep consuming it, you keep desiring it. Once you clear your body of it, you’ll stop craving it. I swear. Read the Supercharged Hormone Diet by Dr. Turner. This book is the Bible of weight loss.

    • jonathansmith

      See, you want to get slim and you want to eat whole day, then also it is possible because you can go for roasted food instead of fried, all the tasty snakes, soups and fruit salads are very tasty and very good substitute. Apart from this maintain a healthy routine, or if you want better effects then you can go for Best Celebrity Slim Bars slimming treatments.