Photoshop Reversal: If Celebs Really Were Just Like Us


Oh, wow — via Amanda Marcotte on Pinterest, this amazing photo project from artist Danny Evans that re-imagines celebrities as ordinary folk without the $$$ or imperative to look fabulous. It’s a good reminder that the concept of “natural beauty” really is a fraud. And with the wrong kind of diet, a lack of access to Pilates classes, less stylish hair and the absence of a $141,037 year beauty budget, who knows? Jennifer Aniston, Beyonce, Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow may very well have turned out as Evans imagines them — which is, to put it in celebrity media speak, just like us!

Just like some of us, anyway. There’s perhaps a bit too much 1980s/1990s attire and styling going on to make these feel totally credible as commentary. I’d love to see more work from Evans that does the same sort of thing but skips the blue eyeshadow and poodle perms. But as Fast Company editor Cliff Koang wrote last year about the project: “There is sweet justice in taking Photoshop, the very tool that makes celebrities seem so insufferably flawless, and turning it cruelly against them.” Enjoy the subtle schadenfreude, darlings.

KStew & RPattz

Gwyneth Paltrow

Madonna & Lourdes

Zooey Deschanel

Tom Cruise

Scarlett Johansson

[Side note: I have never gotten the widespread appeal of Scarlett Johansson, who also looks more or less like this - i.e., like a girl who went to my Ohio high school, played volleyball or soccer and gained too much beer weight in early college -- to me.]

The Carters

Jennifer Aniston

Johnny Depp

Miley Cyrus


Lady Gaga

The Kardashian Family


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    • Candace

      I’m glad the artist left jay z hot

    • Lastango

      Now THAT is fallin’ out funny!

      …but I don’t blame celebrities for managing their main asset, which is their ability to visually engage the rest of us.

      BTW, I remember when Jamie Lee Curtis did a spread in MORE magazine spread to normalize herself. She was tired of people thinking she was a glamorous uber-being. It was wonderful and witty.

    • mm

      Meh, the ones where she hasn’t made them really fat are still pretty. Ugly hair doesn’t make a pretty face ugly. Yeah, they look like normal people with normal clothes and bad hair, but they don’t look ugly. For example, Gwyneth, Angelina, and Beyonce are still gorgeous despite their bad hair and clothes. Obviously, adding 75 lbs to Zooey Deschanel is going to make her look bad….and some of them (Lady Gaga, Jennifer Aniston, Miley Cyrus) aren’t that pretty even when they’re all celebrity-ed out. I feel like it’s sort of hating on people just because they’re good-looking and famous, which isn’t really fair. To me, it almost seems a little jealous. I live in LA, I saw Gwyneth once at Whole Foods wearing almost no makeup. She’s STUNNING in person, it’s not just photoshop. Also, it’s not celebrities who photoshop their own pictures, so why would you turn it cruelly against them? It’s not their fault people mess with their pictures, and many have come out publicly against the practice. I guess you could look at this as a way to prove that celebrities aren’t naturally beautiful, but it’s their job to look great. It is literally their job. I see this as another way of snarking on celebrities for their looks, and I’m really sick of it.

      • kj

        They’re good looking for average people, but it’s not like, wow, MOVIESTAR!! I think the point is to show that if you took an average person and glammed them up, they could be MOVESTAR too.