Ridiculous Stock Photos That Come Up When Searching “Women Smoking”

coyblueshirtEarlier today, I wrote this post about women and smoking and HOO BOY did I laugh and shake my head in disbelief when I searched stock photos for the search term “women smoking.” I wasn’t surprised; stock photo sites are notorious for their often sexist and just plain strange depictions of women (see also: pregnant women smoking and “woman at bar.”) Still, you’ve got to click through for some of the crazy-ass images that come up on THE FIRST PAGE of search results for “women smoking.” From scantily-clad vampires to faux Goth warriors and quite a few pictures I can’t even connect to smoking AT ALL (I’m looking at you, creepy priestess), Shutterstock has inadvertently created an anti-smoking PSA.

Coy In A Blue Shirt

Inner monologue: "Oh here I am, just coyly looking at you while an electronic cigarette hangs delicately out of my mouth. No biggie. Whatev. "

Creepy Priestess


Lace Bikini Girl

Inner monologue: "I cavort wildly in white lace and swirly smoke."

Frowny Men's Dress Shirt

Inner monologue: "My boyfriend just dumped me so I'm wearing his shirt and frowning while smoking and having my picture taken in a professional portrait studio. That's me today."

Vampire Woman

Inner monologue: "I AM SEXY VAMPIRE. SEE ME SMOKE."

Audrey Hepburn At A 90s Rave

I don't get it either.

Mod Couple

Something about this reminds me of vintage clothing sellers on Ebay. Anyone else?

Elizabeth Wurtzel in the 90s

This reminds me of nothing so much as the cover of Prozac Nation.

Gloves And Light Saber

Inner monologue: "Here I am in my black gloves with giant cigarette/light saber. I'm so mysterious. I will fight you sexily with my giant cigarette and the force of my black eyeliner."

Office Girl In Wonderland

Hohum office girl gets a reprieve from workaday life when she hangs out with the caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland.

All images: Shutterstock

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