Miss Bumbum Walks Times Square In Bikini In 12-Degree Weather

Miss Bumbum in Time Square

It was 12 degrees in New York City yesterday. I wouldn’t even leave my house in a parka, so why was Carine Felizardo parading around Times Square in nothing but a bikini, sash and stripper pumps? All in a day’s work for a Bumbum Queen, you see.

Make that Miss Bumbum (there are no monarchs in the land of Bum). Felizardo’s official title is “Miss Bumbum 2012,” an honor she earned by competing with about 500 other women in December.

I actually have no idea why she was wearing a bikini in Times Square yesterday, because the New York Daily News article from which I’ve learned about Miss Bumbum doesn’t bother with such trivial information as why this is happening. We do, however, learn that attractive people (even Bumbum queens representatives) are not immune to cold temps — “no matter how hot you think she is, rest assured that she’s freezing her little bumbum right off,” the News quips. Also, tourists dug it.

Gobsmacked passers-by, on the other hand, dressed accordingly, bundled in heavy winter parkas and toting winter scarves and gloves. But the cold didn’t keep them from stopping to admire her and take photos.

Welcome to New York, guys! We keep it classy here.

The News helpfully informs us that Felizardo “tightened her behind into its current condition with rigorous workouts at the gym.” For more info on the Miss Bumbum contest, see the Weekly World News — it’s right under the story about bat boy going mutant.

Photo: Splash News/New York Daily News

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    • Cecília

      As a brazilian it really kills me to see how pathetic that “Miss Bumbum” thing has become. They’re so desperate for attention that they are willing to get “half” naked in the middle of Times Square in the coldest weather they probably ever had to face. All that terrible (maybe even dangerous) exposure just to show that huge “bumbum” that, honestly, not everyone thinks it’s pretty (me, for example).

    • Hannah

      That poor girl..