Sexist Super Bowl Commercials: A Decade’s Worth Of Bad Ads

kate upton 2

2006: Jessica Simpson gets real sexy-like with some Pizza Hut poppers and a prepubescent boy.


2005: Here is a girl in a bikini eating Tabasco sauce.


2004: Men like McDonald’s and when their wives smell like McDonalds (while doing, like, a million chores)



2003: The halcyon days of early reality TV.

2002: Chicks dig satin sheets and candles, men are doofs who like beer.

Bonus round:

1997: Holiday Inn is about to spend “a billion” on renovating hotels, and features a man at a high school reunion gasping in horror at a transexual classmate in order to illustrate this, for some reason.

2004: This one’s refreshing (watch it all the way through).

Thanks to for many of these videos, from its 41-year Super Bowl ad database.

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