Patrick Wilson’s Wife Just Ended The Dumb Debate Over Whether He Would Screw Lena Dunham IRL

Patrick Wilson's wifeA few episodes into season two of Girls, most of us have gotten used to seeing Lena Dunham naked. We’ve even managed to stop discussing the size of her thighs and whether or not she’s obese. (Ok, everyone but Howard Stern, but what else would you expect?) But then she went and had TV sex with Patrick Wilson, and the internet collectively regressed to rating Lena Dunham’s looks on a scale of “Patrick Wilson would never screw her IRL” to “Patrick Wilson would screw her IRL.” She’s “not conventionally attractive,” people keenly observe, and Wilson is. So there’s no way that they could ever have sex in real life! And how can we even watch TV that isn’t realistic?!

A lot of awesome bloggers and TV critics have intelligently written about why this whole Patrick Wilson/Lena Dunham sex debate is juvenile and ignorant, but the best response I’ve seen came from Polish-American actress Dagmara Domińczyk–who happens to be married to Patrick Wilson, in real life. In response to a tweet summing up the worst takeaways from last weekend’s episode–”Patrick Wilson is so hot he would never do Lena Dunham” –she quipped back:

And then everyone googled Patrick Wilson’s wife and thought about the fact that people don’t feel attracted to people based on whether the dudes at Slate think they fall on the same spot in their attractiveness scale. We hope.

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    • Katrina

      His wife kicks ass for that. I feel like she stood up for women everywhere with that tweet as well as herself and Lena Dunham. In reality, it’s not even a conversation we should be having though

      • NelJel

        She really did! Made me feel better about being a size 10 anyways :)

      • EmilyH

        No one should feel bad about being a size 10… seriously.

    • Hannah

      Good for her!
      The only reason I can see Patrick Wilson not screwing LD in real life would be that you know, he’s married.
      Or maybe they have a professional relationship. Regardless, what a silly debate for these people to be having.
      I hate the concept that people can decide what a person finds attractive because it’s what THEY find attractive. Ugh.

    • EmilyH

      EH… Patrick Wilson’s wife is gorgeous. Her sister is gorgeous. He is gorgeous. Could Dunham and Wilson have happened IRL? YES, but let’s not pretend that a size 10 is equal to whatever Dunham is. That’s just delusional and lying. Also, it is not just about size. There are many other reasons for Dunham to be considered unattractive in the US outside of her weight – all things Dominczyk does NOT have to contend with as she and her sister have extraordinarily BEAUTIFUL features. Dominczyk is a soldier for championing her husband and the show, but Dunham “wrote” her bed, now she has to “lie” in it. Dunham dishes it out all of the time to people who don’t even care about her… maybe she should learn how to take it.

      • elyse cogan

        Dunham is “lying” in it very well, don’t you think? I don’t hear her complaining one little bit. Seems she’s taking it all very, very nicely.

      • EmilyH

        No. Not an issue for me and yes, she is “lying” in it well… doesn’t mean she looks good doing so. Being politically correct does nothing for the greater message… that it is actually okay to not be PHYSICALLY attractive (as there are other attractive traits, including personality) and that being attractive doesn’t always go hand in hand with 10 or even 20 pounds up or down in your weight – a size 10 is a problem?). Oh, and regarding her “taking it well”, Dunham seems to express her feelings/thoughts/microaggresions through her storytelling so we’ll see…

      • Real Talk

        Emily, you are exactly right. Lena is just unattractive feature wise, not because of her weight. Though I do have to say that doesn’t mean Patrick Wilson’s character wouldn’t sleep with her. Dudes sleep with unattractive chicks all the time. Remember the Sex in the City episode when the guy was having the best sex of his life with an unattractive woman. It happens all the time, mostly due to the fact the guy needs an ego stroke because his ego was bruised some how, e.g., Patrick Wilson’s character was getting over a divorce. Sex and relationships, two very different things. . .

    • Susie DeFord

      We see “unconventionally attractive” men constantly screwing beautiful women on television/film. It’s about time women flipped that script. Bravo Lena Dunham!