Companies Team Up With Michelle Obama, MyPlate To Provide Healthy Recipes For You To Pin

pinterestmyplateYesterday, Michelle Obama launched a new partnership with the USDA, Pinterest, and five major media companies (Hearst, Condé Nast, The Food Network, Meredith and Time Inc) in order to promote healthy eating and cooking.  Pinterest, which is growing at a rate of 300%, is the third-most popular social network in the United States, so this campaign has the real potential to reach many, many Americans.

Adhering closely to the USDA’s MyPlate program, the Pinterest board is full of healthy recipes. MyPlate is basically the updated version of the food pyramid, designed to “remind Americans to eat healthfully.” It focuses on five food groups: grains, fruits, dairy, vegetables, and protein foods.

The Pinterest account started yesterday already has over 16,000 followers (up from over 15,000 when I first clicked on it earlier this morning). With pinboards like “Beans and Legumes,” “Protein Foods,” “Breakfast,” “Healthier Sandwiches,” “Healthier Desserts” and “No-Cook Dinners,” the Pinterest account actually looks like a really good resource for people to learn about healthy recipes.

It appears most of the recipes are pinned from the websites of national magazines like Woman’s Day, Diabetic Living, Real Simple and other publications. That makes sense (hence the partnership with media companies) but I’d love it if they also pinned recipes from food bloggers, nutritionists, or other healthy websites. Probably not in the contract, but could be a great way to get the voices of regular health-minded Americans into this important, innovative project.

Regardless, I think this partnership between the First Lady, these media companies and the social network has the power to do a lot of good for eating habits in this country. Get to pinning, guys!

Photo: Screenshot from Pinterest

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    • Maggie Luther, N.D.

      I echo your sentiment and think this is definitely a step in the right direction. I also would like to see recipes from nutritionists and bloggers, which I find to be more health promoting than many of the government agencies and mainstream media. My Plate could provide better information to citizens. For instance, the recommendation to eat more vegetables- be specific. Eat 7-9 servings of vegetables a day which includes 1-2 servings of whole fruit. Eat a rainbow of vegetables, and be sure to get lots of leafy green vegetables. The part about getting at least half of your grains from whole sources is unfortunate as well. All grains should be whole grains. You can eat processed grains, but that would go into junk food. We have a large problem of food ignorance on our hands, and there are many companies that are eagerly feeding the public the wrong message about food. Eat whole food!