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Pregnant Kate Middleton Endangers Baby By Wearing Heels, Says Daily Mail

Members of the Royal Family visit Baker Street tube stationKate Middleton wore heels earlier today and over the weekend when celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.  A normal day in the life of a duchess, right? Shaking hands, smiling, wearing fancy shoes. No big deal. OH WAIT. Did you forget the fact that Kate is PREGNANT?!?! Don’t you know pregnant ladies shouldn’t wear heels? Ladies with babies inside of their bodies are too fragile to teeter around on high heels! They might hurt themselves or their tiny little fetuses!

That’s what the Daily Mail seems to think, at least. They write:

“…drawing attention to her footwear, Kate, who is believed to be five-and-a-half-months’ pregnant, sparked a conversation about whether women should be wearing heels at all while expecting.”

If that isn’t asinine enough, they continue:

Doctors in the U.S. have warned that mothers-to-be could be putting their unborn babies at risk by wearing towering shoes.

Now really, I shouldn’t be surprised at this article, considering it’s coming from the Daily Mail, an outlet known for its misogyny and concern trolling. But it irked me enough to write about it, because as ridiculous as it sounds,  I’m sure there are actually people out there who think that pregnant woman shouldn’t be wearing shoes with heels.

The Daily Mail quotes a few different doctors who say some things about how a woman’s center of gravity changes while she’s pregnant and that it’s best to lay off the heels, especially in the third trimester. Not necessarily super offensive, or even untrue, but then the writer, Tamara Abraham, goes on to basically shame Victoria Beckham, Snooki, Jessica Simpson and other celebrities for wearing heels while pregnant, even speculating that Victoria Beckham’s dedication to fashionable shoes was responsible for her slipped disc during her fourth pregnancy.  And now, the Duchess of Cambridge, who’s already suffered a rough trimester with hyperemesis gravidarium, has joined the ranks of bad moms who are putting their unborn babies (and themselves) at risk for fashion. I’m sure if Kate were wearing flats, they’d be printing stories like “Is pregnancy making Kate frumpy? Duchess looks tired in flat shoes.” The poor woman really just can’t win no matter what she does, not even now that’s she’s got the much-anticipated golden egg fetus growing inside of her.

I’m just so fucking tired of this kind of concern trolling as it relates to pregnant women, whether it be in relation to baby weight, fashion choices, even smoking or speculating about miscarriages. I’ve said this ad nauseum here on Blisstree, but pregnant women are the stewards of their own bodies. Regardless of whether or not a tabloid newspaper agrees with the choice a woman makes while pregnant, they are her own choices.  Her body, her baby, her feet, her shoes, her choice. It’s not for anyone to judge what any woman, not even one in the public eye, does while pregnant: what she wears, what she eats, how she acts, how her body looks. Pregnant women’s bodies are not ours to dissect and comment on, as much as articles like this one and this one and this one may make it seem so. If the media—and all of us— can begin to actually understand that, it’ll be much easier for women to have the healthy pregnancies necessary to nurture new lives (and supply the exclusive baby pictures to coo over).

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  • http://www.facebook.com/katie.ranei Charlene Albert

    Maybe Kate seized up with laughter, because she isn’t really pregnant. She isn’t glowing. The first thing to “bloom” in a pregnant woman is her, um, breasts and Kate’s look exactly the same. And, in the last few days of photos, her “bump” goes up and down in size, like she is using padding. I believe the rumours that Kate the Fake is using a surrogate.

    - S. K. , Manchester, United Kingdom, 20/3/2013 23:04

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  • james

    Why don’t they just blady leave her alone, she is endangering the baby because of her high heels, what is this world coming too? at the very least she will only break her ankle. She is doing the best she can, after all she is a human being and she going to make mistakes. What I would say she would make a better mother than any stupid journalist making stupid comments like this. Are you people that miserable to criticize her for that.

  • M

    Heels are horrible in general and especially in pregnancy! To enable you to balance, your pelvis has to tilt anteriorly which
    increases the arch in your lower back. This in turn compresses the discs
    in your lower spine
    and crushes the nerves leading out from the spinal cord. This
    compression also places incredible pressure on the veins and arteries,
    decreasing the flow through this area, slowing down the whole
    circulatory system, including the blood supply to your baby.
    Not to mention shortening your hip flexors which could affect the positioning of baby and making for a more difficult birth!

  • Juli