30 By 30: Desperate Times Call For … A Juice Cleanse; Who Knew I’d Love It?

freshly squeezed beet juiceA couple of weeks ago, I spent a bachelorette weekend in Georgia to celebrate one of my best girls. I had been doing so well on my Weight Watchers app all week, but I didn’t want to be that girl who’s constantly dieting (and complaining about it) during big celebrations. So I tucked my phone away, and I celebrated. Boy, did I celebrate.

When I got back to the city, I timidly approached the scale. “What are you being shy about? Just hop on,” I told myself. My inner voice is a hopeful bitch sometimes.

And I’d gained 8.7 pounds. Damn. I hopped off the scale and immediately came up with an action plan. After years of avoiding them, desperate times called for desperate measures: A juice cleanse. I had exactly two days until my weekly weigh-in and I’d been working too hard—working out, eating right—to let one party weekend throw me off track. Cleansing out the water weight was just what I needed.

I’ve spent some time over the past few years creeping on other people’s cleanses, but I’m not too interested in starving myself to lose weight (as many of them advocate). My gym has a juice bar, though, where they fresh squeeze juices and sell what’s called the Elixir cleanse. After my Monday am spin class, I purchased the two-day cleanse and got to work.

Here’s the shocking thing: I actually kind of loved it, and not just because I lost nine pounds in two days (water weight is a crazy tricky terrible thing!). I was never hungry. The juice was delicious. Most importantly, though, I felt like I was taking care of my body. I had fed it nothing but junk for two full days, so I was replenishing it with all natural fruits and vegetables.

My body felt repaired after the two-day juice cleanse. And as far as my weight loss journey goes? I was able to move on without more lasting damage from the bachelorette weekend, which was a really great perk.

I think a lot of the “cleanse” people out there are absolutey nuts, and I do not think it is an effective tool for permanent weight loss. But as a refresher, a de-bloater after a rough week, I way to replenish and reset yourself for the weeks to come—I am officially aboard the juice cleansing train. Plus, anything that shrinks my double chin, if only for a day, gets an A++ in my book.

High- A night of karaoke meant dancing on a booth and singing my heart out which my app tells me equals 4 activity points.

We got some bad news at work this week which called for a lot of wine.

+/-: -1 Total - I’m back on track and heading in the right direction

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    • Eileen

      I don’t get why women who aren’t actively feeling bloated (who should take a diuretic) worry about “water weight.” But glad you’re back on schedule. FWIW, I’ve gone out to Buffalo Wild Wings with two voracious twentysomething guys and one girl doing awesome on Weight Watchers, and she was able to stick to her points schedule while still ordering things straight off the menu and not alienating the rest of us at all, so there is hope for that sort of weight gain not to happen again!

    • AD

      You have more excuses than China has people! When you make your health and weightloss a PRIORITY you will not have any problems. Stop making excuses! There will always be a happy hour/bachlorette/holiday/barbecue/event/fill in the blank. You don’t have to starve yourself to lose weight either so please stop thinking that. Try to think of your efforts as a way to become more healthy, to nourish your body with more whole foods and less processed foods. Think about what you eat and how it makes you feel afterwards. Look at the ingredients of everything you eat and internalize the fact that you are loading your body with chemicals and sugar which wreak havoc on your blood glucose levels and impact your organs and your body on a cellular level. Stop trying to just “lose weight” and start trying to change your lifestyle. You will have more success that way. And two truths you should keep with you – You can’t out train a bad diet, and abs are made in the kitchen. All the exercise in the world does not matter if you drink a ton of alcohol and eat like crap. Your column is getting annoying when week after week I just see another excuse. Why even bother?

    • Hannah

      I started to not comment on this, since it’s been two weeks, but a previous comment got my blood boiling. I also struggle with my weight, trying to eat healthier and beginning to use exercise instead of food, and a lot of what you say rings so true to me. It’s not about excuses, it’s about trying to change a lifestyle. These are attitudes and habits we grew up with, that we’ve had ingrained in our heads so that it’s almost automatic to do. It takes a LOT of work to change those behaviors for something better, and when something like what Kendyl experienced happens (working hard then realizing you kinda blew it), it’s so easy to admit defeat and stop trying. Instead, she tried a cleanse and balanced out her mistake. It’s a quick fix, but it gave her the push to make it through and refreshed her mindset, which is sometimes just what’s needed.

      By the way, she did specifically mention she didn’t think it was a permanent weight loss tool, so your “concern” about her starving herself is misplaced at best.