10 Ways To Upcycle An Old Bathtub

old bathtub into backyard garden

Remodeling? If you have to rip out your old bathtub—or just come into the possession of an old bathtub by other means (you never know)—then what? Recycle? Craigslist? Landfill? Sure … or you could try one of these creative ways people have found to repurpose and reuse their old tubs. .

1. Make a tub sofa. Via Flavour Design


Here’s another cool tub sofa example on Pinterest.

2. Along those same lines is this bath chair found at Tree Hugger.


3. Grow greens! Check out this backyard bathtub salad garden, via Healthy Holistic Living.

my-backyard-bathtub-garden-21335719 (1)

4. Turn your tub into a flowerbed, a la this one from The Lovely Plants.

creative bathtub-garden

5. Try a tub water garden, like this one from Midwest Living. The wire grate can be pulled over the tub at night to keep animals away.

tub water garden

6. The oldest trick in the old bathtub book: Use it to hold your booze (via M Gardens).

old bathtub booze

7. Get musical. Via Daily Tubber.


8. Bathtub rocker! You’ll be the belle of the front porch ball {via Furnish Burnish}.

recycled bathrub rocker

9. A combo coffee table and planter in an old tub can really tie the porch together {via garagesalegal}.

coffee table planter in old bathtub

10.  Rub a dub dub, a book nook in a tub.

tub book nook



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    • http://www.shoestringbudget.org/ Aileen

      LOL! Great post, Deborah! We use one old claw-foot as a lily pond down at the springhouse overflow, and another as combination icer for kegs and 9th hole on the disc golf course’s upper nine…

      Love your site, have added you to my blogroll.

    • http://bakingdelights.com marye

      We use one as a watering tank for our horses…ALtho…I am sorely tempted to bring it in and refinish it …and take the 60′s atrocity midget tub out there for the horses.

    • http://www.offbeathomes.com Jennifer

      How in the freak did I miss this! Awesome. Are you trying to get linked at every blog I write. I am so bringing this to Offbeat. That couch is amazing.

    • Leslie Hanson

      Has anyone ever made a firepit from an old cast iron bath tub? Need some ideas.

    • nmh

      Would like some ideas for covering a seldom used tub in the bathroom. All is does is collect dust.

    • DW

      So these work great if you have a fabulous, antique claw-foot tub … but what about if you have the modern, built-in acrylic ones like most of America does?

    • dchan

      I turned my old clawfoot tub into a firepit – there was a weak spot, almost rusted through, in the middle so I didn’t trust it to hold water. I dug a hole ~3/4 the depth of the tub and shoved it in, filled the space between the tub wall and the earth with sand, then a track of gravel between the rolled tub edge and the grass. Threw a few rocks in the bottom as filler then the wood. Worked great!!

    • jq49

      we have a normal American cast iron tub that we will be replacing due to clogged drainage and old yucky color. I want to use the old tub outside as part of a cleaning/rinsing station for scuba gear. Would like the finished height to be about 30″. Any suggestions for how and how much base I will need to build up underneath the tub? It will be set on paver stones.