No Thanks, Heather Locklear — I’ll Stick To Anti-Aging Creams & Stay Clear Of Semen Facials


I am a big fan of unconventional beauty treatments these days, but once in a while, I find one that just sounds too awful. (Actually, it’s probably more than once in a while — there are some weird ones out there, guys, stay away.) In this edition of “stuff I won’t be doing to my face,” let’s take a look at what Heather Locklear confessed, perhaps facetiously, to a paparazzo requesting her anti-aging secrets. The big reveal? Semen facials. Yes, really.

While on camera with TMZ reporters, Locklear was asked what she recommends rather than conventional anti-aging treatment, thus the keys to how she’s stayed looking almost the same for such a long, long time. So is semen an actual anti-aging agent? Well, spermine, a component of semen, was popularized as having smoothing qualities for skin. But would you ever do anything like apply it to your face for this reason?

There’s no doubt that Locklear looks amazing. She’s always looked amazing! But then, I would think she were beautiful if she had more wrinkles, as well.

Also, regardless of what star we’re discussing, makeup, hair and wardrobe go a long, long way — much farther than most people realize. Anti-aging regimes have different effects of everybody because everybody is different, from genetics to environment to lifestyle. There is no clear-cut way to reduce the signs of aging, and there’s simply zero ways to stop it from happening. Just keep trying what you feel most comfortable and satisfied with, whether it’s a hugely complex and pricey routine or simply washing your face at night.

All that said, I will not be trying anything related to semen or sperm on my face. Ever. 10 Internet points to those who find themselves capable of witholding inappropriate jokes right now. 20 to whomever makes the best one.

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