Pop Philosophy: 13 Inspirational Quotes From My Favorite Old Hippie Philosophy Book

Das Energi

Das Energi was written by a man named by Paul Williams and published in 1973. I stumbled upon it circa 1997, in my early teens, and it changed my life.

That’s not something I say lightly; I re-read the Buddism-tinged hippie philosophy book each year like some might consult the Bible. Sure, it can get a little boomer—but if you can overlook the bits about universal consciousness and us all being God, there are some amazing ideas and philosophies found within.

Williams digs into love, sex, guilt, morality, jealousy, work, self-confidence, the nature of reality and more in this slim, strangely punctuated volume (I’ve kept in the line breaks and such as they appear in the text), and most of the friends I’ve lent it to in life have reacted somewhere between nonchalance and mockery. Yet the odd person I give it to comes back from reading it—like I did—totally inspired. I hope at least a few of you fall in that latter category …

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If you let go ...

... something will happen.
Fear is always anticipation of the unknown.
Most human energy flow problems relate to the inability to relax.
Fear of letting go.
If you let go, something will happen.
Rational mind : : wants to make a deal : : first tell me what will happen, and then I'll let go.
Fuck you.
No one knows what's going to happen. EVER. The future—next moment—is unknowable, unknown.

Guilt is a form of self-hatred ...

Also of self-indulgence.
No one benefits from your feeling guilty.
Except you—you use guilt to shield yourself from the pain of awareness.
When you short-circuit your energy, you cheat us all.
Then use that as excuse for further short-circuiting. / There is a way out of this trap.
Don't feel guilty.
Don't cop out.
Accept responsibility for your actions.
Do what's right.
Don't live in the past.
Learn from the past.
Do right in the present.

What is right?

Right is what feels right. Intuitive awareness. You at the moment know exactly what's right you YOU to do at THIS moment. ... You are defined by your own conception of "you."

High sex is pure energy flow

Guilt is an inhibitor.
That's why it is said that he cannot love, who does not love himself.
Love is affirmation.

Jealousy, possessiveness are doubt.
Jealousy and possessiveness have nothing to do with love.
Every act of love should be cause for joy in every person who is aware of it.

To be angered by the fact of love is to be afraid of life.

Possessiveness if a form of doubt.

People cling to what they (think they) have because they doubt that they're worthy of it.
If they knew their own worth, they'd know there is no need to cling.

Listen to no one...

... who tells you how to love. Your love is like no other, and that is what makes it beautiful.

Words contain no awareness.

They can only trigger awareness.
It does no good to try to impress a man with some thought he can't relate to.
But if you can make him realize the ovvious, that might change his life.

The way to build self-confidence ...

... is to start doing things you're not sure you can do.
Once you start, keep at it. Never give up. Push harder when you have to, relax when you can. If you don't keep going until you're satisfied, hyou will never know how much you can do. You can do anything.
Your strength is equal to your need.

Don't do anything you don't have to do. 

Hard work is relaxing,

It's a pleasure to make full use of one's body.
It's a pleasure to make full use of one's mind.
Hard work ois often a drag to anticipate.
Don't anticipate, don't do what you don't need to do, and you will never feel lazy.
It is a pleasure to be part of the energy flow.
A body or mind that is seldom in full motion is a body or mind that can seldom fully rest.

Open yourself...

... to absolutely anything that gets thrown at you
Don't worry about picking out the important stuff
just let it all get thrown at you
and the importnat stuff
will be what hits you

All you have to do is not shut anything out.

Do not be afraid to love.

Do not be afraid to love men, women, the very young, the very old, animals, plants, sudden acquaintances, lifelong friends, your children, your parents, strangers, yourself.
Love is affirmation. ... Give us your blessing.

Let yourself be blessed.

It is never difficult to feel what's right.

Sometimes, perhaps, there seems to be a conflict between two things to do that both feel right.
When this happens to you, accept it as a message that you are not in tune with your self. Do not try to make a decision. Relax, and allow your feelings to take over.
You are a precision instrument, and you can always feel what's right. Don't fight it.
Do it.

Okay, seriously.

Get to reality
get to your own reality
become yourself, become incredibly high and real and influence everyone around you with your bivrations, no matter how difficulut it is., drop everything else and start doing the most fantastic, real things you can think of—become yourself,
get to your own reality.
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