Reese Witherspoon’s Arrest: Bratty Behavior Or Relatable Reaction? The Blisstree Writers Debate

Reese Witherspoon 85th Annual Oscars at Hollywood & Highland Center 2013If you’ve tuned into the Internet (or pick your media poison) today, you’ve probably heard about Reese Witherspoon and husband Jim Toth getting arrested over the weekend—he for drunk driving, she for disorderly conduct. The police report alleged America’s sweetheart was blotto and belligerent, telling the arresting officer she didn’t believe him a real cop and asking him “Do you know my name?”

Witherspoon issued an apology this morning, admitting that she “clearly had one drink too many” and was “deeply embarrassed” about the things she said.

“It was definitely a scary situation and I was frightened for my husband, but that is no excuse,” it said. “I was disrespectful to the officer who was just doing his job. The words I used that night definitely do not reflect who I am.”

So … okay. But do we believe her? It’s a rhetorical question, of course, but it sparked a lively debate among the Blisstree writers this morning.

Lisa Marie Basile: I’m sad Reese acted meanly.

Carrie Murphy: Haha I dont think she acted meanly. I think she was just drunk.

Lisa: That’s a good point

Carrie: I mean, if you’re that type A, youre gonna get snippy when you’re drunk.

Lisa: It’s probably how we’d all behave.

Carrie: I think its interesting that people criticize celebrities for using their celebrity clout, but i thnk anyone would do the same thing. When i was in high school I almost got arrested once but I was with a girl whose brother was a cop. So she was all “yeah do you know officer brown? he’s my brother.” and bam, not arrested.

Lisa: Haha, yeah, for sure. // It’s natural, I think, and it really takes a moment to pull that sort of language back. // But at the same time, I agree it’s no excuse.

Sam Escobar: Meh, I think being entitled to special treatment despite doing something as dangerous as drunk driving is not chill.

Elizabeth Nolan Brown: Uh-oh, debate!

Sam: I’m a firm believer in non-entitlement!

Carrie: I think it’s funny. I mean, everyone is all OMG Reese, but … it doesnt surprise me at all.

Lisa: I am too, Sam. I do think lots of people would pull that shiz, but some people would hold back.

Sam: I would just shut up. Because it’s the best thing to do, in that situation.

Lisa: It’s definitely shitty of her.

Carrie: I also think its rude for any cop to tell a woman to “sit on her butt.” // She’s not a kindergartener

Lisa: Haha, yeah, well. Atlanta.

Sam: She shouldn’t have acted like a child, then.

Lisa: I lived out there for a while. I love the South, but the whole culture toward women is bizarre.

Sam: I think her attitude just exemplifies how celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and the like believe that being famous should result in special treatment despite doing things that could literally kill somebody. // Granted, Witherspoon only defended that behavior, but still. // It’s childish. And dangerous.

Carrie: But Reese Witherspoon is pretty far from Lindsay Lohan, don’t you think?

Sam: Meh, apparently not. // I would normally say yes though!

Carrie: I mean, yeah her husband should not have drove drunk—Why don’t celebrities just get cabs?

Sam: Right???? They have so much access to car services.

Carrie: ESPECIALLY Lindsay Lohan; why won’t she call a cab?????? Like, girl. this has happened to you MORE THAN ONCE. Hire a car.

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    • Fabel

      I’m with Carrie—ever since this news broke, I’ve been like, “What’s the big deal?” (about her behavior, just to be clear). Yeah, it’s assholish to pull the “Do you know who I am??” thing, but I also find it kind of funny (it’s Reese Witherspoon!) AND I can’t say I wouldn’t do the same thing if I were famous…?

    • Naomi Williams

      Since this is the first time (that I know of) that she’s acted like this, and since she did apologize, I willing to cut her some slack. Now, if it happens again…

    • Chris Martinez

      It didn’t bother me really, because she wasn’t cussing out the cop or hitting him, she was just being a mouthy drunk which happens to a ton of women who drink too much, so meh, I’ll let it slide. Plus, the apology offered no excuses or pleas for pity. I’m down with it celebs who make mistakes and offer proper apologies. Next scandal please! :D

      • Elizabeth

        It *was* a proper apology from a celeb for a change! Thta was nice

    • Eileen

      I just think it’s stupid. If she hadn’t said anything, she wouldn’t have been arrested. And if being drunk makes you act like an asshole, then maybe you should drink less.

    • Jen

      I will preface this by saying-Drunk Driving is dumb and should never be condoned and talking back to a cop is dumb. But why do celebrities get held to a higher standard? yes they can afford a cab or car. But if I can afford to go out a blow $100 to get hammered, I can afford a cab too. She was drunk and back talked a cop. So has almost every heavy drinker I know as we have inevitably in our drunken escapades run into a cop. So because she’s a celebrity she can’t do the same dumb shit the rest of us do? Was it dumb? hell yea. But since she’s a human and this was the first time (despite her starting her career rather young). I’ll chalk it up to a bad weekend and move on.