Daily Fail: Denise Richards Isn’t ‘Shockingly Gaunt,’ She’s Just Not Wearing Makeup


‘Shockingly gaunt’? Uh, no. This is Denise Richards just three weeks ago on the set of Twisted.

When you start your career as a so-called “bombshell,” people have this tendency to expect you will look like a glowing 20-something with a genetic resistance to gravity. In fact, nearly all women in Hollywood are supposed to look photo-ready all the time, and when they’re “caught” without their hair done or makeup on or dress fitted, the media labels them as ugly, old, aging, frumpy, whatever. It’s ridiculous, though — after all, who could possibly look picture-perfect at every hour of the day? But the Daily Mail seems to think Denise Richards should, lest she be labeled “gaunt” and “shockingly thin.”

The piece, titled ”Disappearing act! Denise Richards, 42, ages overnight as she displays shockingly thin arms and gaunt face,” exemplifies the unsettling double standard for women in Hollywood in the first couple sentences alone:

She once starred as a curvaceous Bond Girl opposite Pierce Brosnan where she displayed her enviable figure in a series of revealing outfits.

But more than ten years on from The World Is Not Enough, Denise Richards appears to have taken her diet and exercise regime to extreme levels.

The 42-year-old actress looked shockingly thin as she stepped out in the Calabasas area of Los Angeles on Monday, showing a gaunt face and skeletal arms which seemed to age her almost overnight.

So, she was “enviable” at one weight but at another, she’s “extreme” and can be shamed for her body? Considering the photo I posted above was taken just a couple weeks prior, I would say she’s not exactly “shocking” in her thinness — and where is that line drawn, anyway? She’s still gorgeous; she’s just a normal human being who doesn’t wear full-face makeup all day, every day in anticipation of paparazzi taking her fucking photo.

We don’t have permission to republish the photos used by the Daily Mail, but you can check them all out here. But yeah, basically, she’s not wearing the makeup she typically wears when she expects to have her photo taken (as opposed to when she picks up her kids from gymnastics, as she was doing in these). Can we please just acknowledge that people don’t look like a walking photoshoot all the time, and that nobody deserves to be shamed for that?

Photo: Gaz Shirley, Pacific Coast News.

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    • lauren

      I’ve lost faith in humanity long ago. This doesn’t surprise me in the least. That said, most women’s faces thin out as they get older, and especially if they’re physically active. Since Ms. Richards is an actress, of course she’s got an exercise regimen. She doesn’t look gaunt, she looks like she DOESN’T use fillers on her face. But leave it to the Daily Mail to lack common sense.

    • Jessica Lee

      She does look a little gaunt, but that’s not really her fault per se. It’s the fact of life and nature. As women, at some point, we have to choose between our face or our bodies. I am talking about fat. What we feared in our youth and teens and twenties is what we need in our later years. Fat fills you out and lack of it does the opposite when we no longer have youth to hold everything in place. Choose to keep a thin, lean body past your forties and your face pays. Choose to keep a fuller face, and your body pays. That’s how it goes. I’m choosing my face:)

    • Jessica Lee

      Oh, and I personally think she looks great.