7 Healthy Salads That Don’t Use Greens


Greens are great. I’d never dispute the deliciousness and nutritiousness of a big old salad full of spinach, lettuce, kale, collards, or other leafy greens. But recently, a friend of mine said she was looking for some great salad recipes….that don’t use greens. Never one to shirk from a blogging challenge, I found seven delicious salad recipes with nary a leafy green in sight. These salads are just as healthy and nutritious, just with a slightly different spin.

Shaved Asparagus And Avocado Salad

Asparagus and avocado?! What's not to love? Photo and recipe via MomFilter

Carrot Salad With Yogurt And Coriander

As pretty as it is delicious, I'm sure. Photo and recipe via Bon Appetit

Warm Edamame Salad

Crunchy and delicious. Photo and recipe via Whole Living

Vegan Hearts Of Palm Salad

Yum. That's it, just yum. Photo and recipe via Kalyn's Kitchen

Pear and Jicama Salad

The flavors of pear and jicama are crazy complementary. Photo and recipe via Martha Stewart

Thai Green Papaya Salad

So fresh and spicy! Photo and recipe via She Simmers

Herbed Squash Salad With Yogurt Dressing

Herbs and yogurt make a truly special dressing. Photo and recipe via Martha Stewart

Photo and recipe via She Simmers

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    • Paige Sindt

      So excited to see this post, thank you for sharing! After having my gallbladder removed 10+ years ago, I have not been able to eat any greens and am always searching for salad ideas that are non-leafy greens. great ideas here!