5 Times When You Should Consult A Doctor Instead Of The Internet

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Recently, we heard of a woman who exercised terribly poor judgment when her son sustained a gunshot wound. Instead of taking the 14-year old immediately to the hospital, his mother instead consulted WebMD’s gunshot wound entries. Over 7 hours later, she finally brought him to a medical center for treatment.

Presumably, this woman was fearful and embarrassed about the accident leading to the shooting, and not just plain evil or stupid? But whether you like or not, there are going to be some times when you should go to the doctor no matter what—all fear, embarrassment, convenience and expense aside.

Here at Blisstree, we care about the health even of people with questionable judgment. So consider this our PSA to the medical over-Googlers of the world: If you’ve reached this page for any of the following reasons, we strongly encourage you to proceed immediately to the clinic or hospital for professional medical attention. 

When Your Child Has Been Shot

Hopefully this would have gone without saying, but no such luck. If your child is SHOT WITH A GUN, take him or her to the hospital. Same goes for friends, acquaintances, enemies, and yourself. TO REPEAT: Take gunshot victims to the hospital, and call 911. You need professional help or you're gonna have a bad time.

When You're About To Give Birth

Speaking of children, so let's say you're about to have one. Yes, we know women have been having babies since forever, and yes, we know that pregnancy and childbirth are somewhat over-medicalized. But if something goes wrong, you may need help - and quickly - to preserve all involved parties' health. Unless you've discussed the matter extensively with a doctor and midwife and other real medical professionals beforehand, get thee to the hospital. All that amniotic fluid would probably stain your computer chair as you frantically Google contraction frequencies, anyway.

When You've Literally Broken Something

Bones sure are fragile. I've broken a finger and a toe practically just looking at them wrong, and in the scheme of things fracture-wise, those sure were lucky breaks! *crickets* Anyways, if you think you have a broken bone, you could very well be correct, and it's likely to require treatment in order to heal properly. Until that internet searching will yield you a template for a self-applying, 3-D printable cast, you'll need to see a doctor.

When You've Been Bitten By A Dog

Dogs are our favorite, except when they're not. So someone's let the dogs out, and you've been bitten. The wound doesn't look so bad... Think again. Dog bites can involve little surface skin damage, but include more serious damage to underlying stuff, like your tendons. Also they are exceedingly likely to become infected. And you might need a rabies vaccine. For all but the most minor bites, quit looking at gory Google images and go to the doctory.

When You've Stepped On A Rusty Nail

Rusty nails are the most stereotypical harbingers of tetanus infection, but actually you can get tetanus in a number of ways: any time your skin is broken and the tetanus spores could have gotten in. Unfortunately, the main initial tetanus symptom is swelling around the injury. Googling for "swollen tetanus injury" pics will just make you crazy. And hey, if you're anything like me, vaguely remembering that mom possibly forced you to get a tetanus booster... when you were in college... 10 years ago... is not good enough. Once again, until your 3-D printer can cough up the solution - in this case, a tetanus booster shot - stop Googling and go to the doctor.
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    • Lastango

      That’s good advice. Trying to live through electronic connectedness might be a popular delusion; last year three or four young women drown in an SUV that ran off the road into the water. Instead of lowering the windows and escaping, they called people they knew on their cellphones to report their plight. Meanwhile, the SUV sank, and once underwater it was impossible to open the doors and windows to escape. Maybe they simply didn’t know anything about what happens to a sinking vehicle, but not learning realworld skills may be related to the issue you’re pointing to. What’s next — thinking there’s no reason to learn to swim because there’s an app for that?
      Also, a while back, I saw a photo of a sign that read “In case of fire, tweet about it AFTER leaving the building!”. The photo could have been a photoshopped joke, and it was very funny, but it also struck me as being very true.

    • Stanley Rodgers

      I just fell on a ketchup bottle and it went up inside me. I can’t get it out but I am too embarrassed to go to the hospital. I keep pushing and pushing and it wont come out. Has this happened to anyone else?