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    • http://www.facebook.com/monte.harry Monte Harry

      Open Letter to Amy Taylor and all the others blowing this
      issue out of proportion,

      Ok, My name is Monte and as a business owning, tax-paying,
      formerly overweight and currently mixed-race man… I have to say this BS
      witchhunt is REALLY bothering me. Now I hate to even slightly defend such a
      douchey guy as Mike Jeffries with a company as douchey as A&F but I really
      think the fact that this story’s getting so much attention at a time where we
      have sooo MANY more pressing matters, is appalling. Truely.

      Now tell me, do people boycott ferrari for not making
      economy cars? Do we boycott converse for not making allstars/chucks (the
      narrowest sneakers ever) for people with extra wide feet? Do we boycott
      wal-mart for not selling more high-end goods? Do people protest night clubs for
      not letting everyone in? Come.ON. Everything can’t be for everyone!
      Furthermore, if this company wants to commit to their “image” and at
      the same time by doing so, limit their own customer base(potentially shooting
      themselves in the foot from a sales perspective).. I say let’em. You DON’T have
      to buy their clothes. To make a public uproar NOW, based halfway on your own
      feelings of being left out in life (due to your image/weight) and halfway on an
      idiotic set of comments the CEO said one time in some random interview almost 8
      years ago.. is stupid. (you do realize
      that the salon.com interview everyone is NOW incessantly quoting is from like 8
      years ago don’t you? WHY IS THIS NEWS!?)

      Look, I’ll tell you quick story. When I was in college
      (where i went to BETTER myself), I SPECIFICALLY joined the fraternity I joined
      because they were united in one thing: being the best. They didn’t discriminate
      based on color or anything except that you HAD to bring something meaningful to
      the table (not just be good looking or personable) to help the Fraternity be
      the best it could be at SOMETHING. And ladies and gentleman that strategy
      WORKED. We kicked ass in sports, social events, dance competitions, fund
      raising, parties, philanthropies, homecoming/greekweek, recruitment etc etc
      etc. It was great.

      Though i grew up an ugly duckling and was quite nerdy( still
      sort of am) I would say in college was a decent looking guy(I still had hair
      back then!) and i could dance/breakdance very well, I played football quite
      well and i guess i wasn’t that big of tool in their eyes because they felt that
      i was cool/talented enough to make their organization better. They brought me
      on board and I felt privileged to be a part of something greater than myself,
      something devoted to wanting to be better than those around us. And I certainly
      made a lot more out of the opportunity than i would if i was a part of an
      organization that just let anyone in. I can also honestly say tht being around
      the “best”, made me a better person, which is exactly what I wanted.
      I grew from it. I even see it to this day, when I compare my friends from the
      other fraternities (who let anyone in) to my friends from my fraternity and
      where they all are now 7 years out of college(damn I’m getting old) I relly have to say… there is just NO
      comparison. Most of my fraternity brothers are healthy, happy and wealthy and
      they stay in touch. Where as my friends and others from the other fraternities
      that were not as stringent or focused on excellence in their recruitment
      process, they truely are not doing as great relatively speaking. There is
      NOTHING WRONG with wanting to associate with what you perceive to be the best
      as long as that does not infringe on someone else’s rights.

      I think that every organization or business should be
      allowed (within the boundaries of the law) to cater to who ever the hell they
      want in this country. To try and pressure or to even expect a superficially
      focused brand to make sizes for bigger people when they CLEARLY don’t want to,
      is wrong and un-american. The AMERICAN way is to target that excluded market
      and cater to them with your own business, not only sending off a big middle
      finger to A&F but also making yourself wealthy in the process.

      Also, being hated on for being fat is NOT comparable to
      being hated on for being a different race.
      How do I know? Because A. you can’t work out and become white or
      Hispanic or Indian etc. And B. Because I happen to be mixed race (I am brown
      skinned) and I WAS 25 lbs over weight just 1 year ago. I wasn’t fitting into my
      clothes, i looked sloppy i felt sloppy and something had to be done. So what
      did I do? Well what i didn’t do is feel sorry for myself or blame McDonald’s or
      clothing brands. What I did was i researched.. i talked to people who worked
      out alot, i went to the gym would get pointers from people who looked like how
      i wanted to look like. I worked out with a trainer. I read fitness websites,
      watched videos etc etc etc. Started a strict lifestyle change in my eating
      habits (but not too strict i still eat pizza or something once or twice a week)
      And started working out 4-5 times a week on my own. The end result? Within 3
      months I was back to a healthy weight for my height. And just under a year later (today) I’m in
      the best shape I’ve been in my entire life.

      What I really want to know is what happened to an america where
      we took accountability for where we are and what we are in life? Where striving
      to be the best was GOOD thing? Life has winners and losers… it’s fact. And if
      you’re a loser you should work your ass off and become a winner. It can be done
      I truly believe that. I’m sick of this “everyone gets trophy” campy
      bullshit system where when people fail we only try to change the system and
      don’t do anything to change the individual. (BOTH sides of the equation need to
      be addressed). In the civil rights era, blacks could have easily said “wah
      wah, the system is against me! Oh well nothing i can do guess so i’ll just sit
      here and complain or be a drunk or a druggie and be happy as an uneducated
      loser” BUT NO, they rose up got organized and DEMANDED their rights. They
      did everything they could to improve things for them and their children. And
      took a BEATING in the process literally and figuratively. So I say to you Amy
      Taylor and others like you.. don’t even focus on this loser. Don’t even waste
      your breath. If you want to be skinny you can be skinny just work hard. And if
      you’re okay being big, then be big and beautiful and proud! But for fuck sakes
      do NOT sit here and bitch to/pity/berate/admonish someone who wants nothing to
      do with you anyway.. all you are doing is giving him and his company free
      press. Abercrombie – 1pt , Whiny
      complainers – 0pts.

      Now, the most important question that I really REALLY want
      answered is: who even still WEARS Abercrombie? Really? Abercrombie? Like 2005
      Abercrombie? The place where if the perfume doesn’t make you want to high five
      yourself in the face with a baseball bat, the music will? THAT Abercrombie?

      Come on people… lets keep our eyes on what’s important.
      Plenty of relevant and important issues in the country for us to focus on.
      Let’s not let this petty distraction of self pity and ignorant attitudes from
      both sides of this lame argument pull us away from that. I’m done.

      Respectfully yours,