Poor Henry Cavill Had To Live On 2,500 Calories Per Day While Training For Man Of Steel

Henry Cavill at the Man of Steel European premiere

At the Man of Steel premiere Monday, Henry Cavill—aka Superman—talked to People about the “brutal exercise and diet” routine he went through to get his body ready for the role.

“It’s a very, very long and involved process,” Cavill said.

“Five months before shooting there was varying stuff which ended up being mass building and then leaning down. Throughout the shoot it was just waking up and making sure I got an hour in [of exercise] before I went to work.”

An hour of exercise per day doesn’t sound that extreme, but okay. On a highly restricted diet, I can see how it could be might be grueling. Cavill called the dieting phase of his preparation “horrible” and “exhausting,” so just what exactly did they have him doing?

“They didn’t force me to give anything up,” he said. “They just cut my calories right down to 2,500 [a day]. And keep in mind, only a few months ago I’d been up to 5,000. So it was a big drop.”

Wait—what? The horrible, grueling, torturous diet Cavill went on involved eating 2,500 calories per day of whatever he wanted? That … is not a diet.

Confusingly, in another interview at the premiere, Cavill said that ”for the shirtless scenes, I really stopped eating.”

Uh, by “stopped eating,” does he mean dropped down to 2,500 calories per day? Or did he go from eating 5,000 calories a day to 2,500 to starving himself? Regardless, it seems like there had to have been a better way to go about this … Either Cavill’s got some serious body image and eating issues or Warner Bros. should spring for a better nutritionist next time.

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    • Jessica

      I wish I could eat 2500 calories a day! And be “slimming down.”

    • Erin

      Well, for extremely active men, 2500 could be cutting down by a lot. I’m a female runner, and I need 2500-3000 to keep from losing weight. Obviously everyone is different, but when you aren’t starving yourself, 2500 isn’t a gargantuan amount.

      • Hannah

        Additionally, his hour of exercise came before HIS work. Shooting an action movie is a little more demanding than sitting at a desk job.

    • nicole

      Following what Erin said, 2500 is not a lot when you have the muscle mass that Cavill certainly seems to have/are working out at a high intensity. Especially when building muscle like Cavill is talking about. As a lady cyclist, I need about 2500-3000 calories per day as well to maintain my weight and energy levels…not to mention recover from my workouts fully. Caloric need is completely relative — why does this article make it seem as though 2500 is some exorbitant amount? This amount of energy replenishment for someone of Cavill’s size/muscle mass is actually pretty small…I would certainly understand his feeling deprived.

    • slayerette86m .

      Having muscle helps you burn more calories, and his “ate whatever I wanted” isn’t the same as your “ate whatever I wanted.” He still ate clean. As for the shirtless scenes, eating tends to bloat you, whatever it is, water, healthy foods, etc, you bloat. Not eating helped him look more defined. One of the hard, well– not hard in the sense that it’s impossible–but one of the challenging things about having and maintaining a lot of mass is the constant eating.