Milla Jovovich Thinks That Airbrushing Encourages Eating Disorders

'All Is Lost' Premiere - The 66th Annual Cannes Film FestivalGreat googlymoogly, Milla Jovovich is gorgeous. She’s gorgeous on the red carpet, in paparazzi snaps and when she’s getting paid to be super close to society’s idea of perfect. Despite the fact that even a knockout like her gets the photoshop treatment(and gets paid for it), Milla Jovovich thinks that the airbrushed images in the media reap lofty repercussions. Jovovich’s heart is in the right place, but her actual comments are a little bit off. She said:

 ”I feel like in America you know there are two strings; either obesity or anorexia and I think both of them come from this perception that people in magazines actually look that way,”

Yes! Aggressive doctoring does set up literally unreal expectations for women. We think people in magazines do  actually look like those fantasy pictures because they’re supposed to be photographs of real people. I’m not quite sure I follow her logic on how photoshopping leads to obesity, but I agree that it contributes to negative body image and the like. Also anorexia is far more nuanced than a yearning to look like a “super goddess” fashion model, but yeah, airbrushing sucks big time.

Leeloo went on to say:

“So everybody tries to be airbrushed, everybody wears so much make-up to look perfect but just end up looking crazy, you know? I think European women are just much more chilled with it, they kind of don’t expect that they should look like a magazine walking down the street, because nobody does.”

Totally agree, the pressure to groom and preen so much is awful! But I don’t think we should be criticizing other people for “looking crazy” for succumbing to that gross pressure you’re talking about. Plus, I hate the American women are like this and European women are like that dichotomy; it tends to make American women out as vain, high strung, or just generally worse compared to their/our European counterparts. I’m an American girl and I get what she’s saying, but it’s 2013 and the internet is a thing and ugh, I’m sure European women and girls are stressed out about their bodies too. I bet some of them even wear “crazy” makeup.

I wonder if there is anything models and celebrities who get photographed frequently can do to curb egregious photoshopping. Like, can they stipulate that images of them used must actually represent what they look like? Add a “no” clause to their contracts? I don’t know, I’d definitely let myself be photoshopped because I’m a dirtbag and I want to see what I’d look like in the uncanny valley.

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    • everythingofcooking

      as far as i know Milla has been on a diet for quite long, so why she claims other women shouldn’t strain after looking pretty and slim? Magazines are good motivation sometimes!

      • Laura

        That is true that they can be a good motivation. But it can also cause a lot of anxiety and stress for those who are having trouble with losing (or even gaining) weight. They look at the picture and think that they NEED to look like that, or else they won’t be attractive.

      • Alix

        Exactly, I completely agree with Laura. I don’t agree with everythingofcooking at all. It’s not MOTIVATION, at all. If anything, it’s discouragement. It does nothing but lowers an individuals self esteem which results in a great self-loathing and an obsessive focus on their own imperfections. It implants the idea early on in young girls that they need to look perfect (which they strive their whole lives to achieve something that isn’t possible) or they aren’t attractive. Farthermore, it perpetuates the idea that only thin people are attractive, when the truth is that these pictures have been photo-shopped to the point that it is not even anatomically correct or possible to look that way. In reality, people of ALL sizes are beautiful. A woman who weighs 400 pounds is no less pretty than a woman who weighs 100. Size does NOT denote beauty and America, actually the whole world, needs to freakin wake up and realize this. The insults, belittling, disgust, it all needs to stop for people who weigh more. It’s been creating a horrible generation for people of all ages who have no self worth, hate themselves, think they’re ugly and can’t stand their flaws, and who aren’t good enough for someone special to want to love them. More people need to recognize how destructive and toxic this it. Ultilizing Photoshop in this way does unfathomable harm and needs to be stopped. It should be illegal to use Photoshop to make people look better. There needs to come a day where people recognize that everyone is beautiful, NO MATTER WHAT. No nit-picking at their appearance, no making fun or insults, no “Well they would be prettier if-” NO, no more ifs, ands, or butts. People should think “They’re beautiful” no matter what the person looks like, and that’s it. There’s a sick disgusting view of what’s “attractive,” what’s “beautiful,” what’s “sexy” and it needs to be completely demolished from social construct. Everyone is beautiful just the way they are. They don’t need to change or modify themself to “become” beautiful. They are born beautiful, and that’s how society needs to see women.