Miranda Kerr’s Breakfast Costs About As Much As Your Rent

Miranda Kerr And Her BoobsLuxury goods peddling website, Net-A-Porter, has a new webseries called The Body Beautiful with Miranda Kerr. The former angel of mass produced, secretive and ill-fitting lingerie is offering advice on health and fitness and breakfast smoothies. Net-A-Porter asks:

Ever wondered how a supermodel starts her day? In the first of our exclusive lifestyle video columns designed to transform your body, inside and out, Miranda Kerr shows you how to make the ultimate nutrient-packed breakfast smoothie

I have literally never wondered that even one time, but I love breakfast and Miranda Kerr could not be any cuter, so yeah, I watched the shit out of the video. I plan on watching every installment of the series.

After watching the video, I’d be so into trying Kerr’s breakfast smoothie which would give me “maximum energy and vitality” like a supermodel, but I don’t have blender right now, so I’m out of luck. Also I don’t have that kind of money laying around. Neither do you.  from Yahoo! Shine figured out that with the blender and everything, this supermodel’s breakfast costs $686. You read that right. Stop. Look at it again. If you move the decimal two places to the left and then subtract $6.86, her breakfast still costs more than my luxurious breakfast smoothie which is really just my room mate’s peanut butter on a spoon.

Here’s the ingredient price breakdown if you still don’t believe it:

So, while that sounds like a banging smoothie, it’s not really accessible. However, in the video, Kerr mentions that she likes chocolate covered goji berries “as a treat.” That sounds like a legit and healthy treat and also something that non-supermodels can enjoy without going into debt. I found a recipe to make your own here (trigger warning: that link will take you to Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP)

Watch the series here//Story via Yahoo Shine// Image via Getty

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    • Lena

      As someone mentioned in the Yahoo Article, the math is way off. To start the blender should not be part of the equation the same way you don’t count your oven when you are making a cake. Even if it was, there are cheaper blenders out there.

      As for the rest, most of the ingredients can be found cheaper and the prices are per container not amount used. So from each ingredient you can get way more than one smoothie.

      If you want to be outraged, the least you can do is get your facts straight.

      • Joanna Rafael

        Do I seem outraged? I was goofing.

      • Samantha_Escobar

        Don’t lie, I keep seeing you throw shit.

      • Joanna Rafael


      • Angela Lala

        also, the prices are listed for 1 pound bags, not single servings. If the math was done right, her smoothie would probably add up to less than 6 bucks per serving. There should be a basic (third grade level) arithmetic class required of journalists to pass, before they cause outrage in their writing.

    • Elle

      You definitely do not need to include a blender in smoothie making…most people have one. You can buy a mini blender for like $12 (and take it on the go!)
      Although you do need to buy some expensive ingredients if you don’t have a single one already, it is actually allocated to being cheaper in the long run of making smoothies. How many would you be able to blend out of all her ingredients? Still cheaper than buying it.

    • anna

      i wish my rent was $600

    • http://brokeandchic.com/ Broke & Chic

      The blender shouldn’t be included. I have an amazing and pricey blender and it’s going to last me years. NOT for one smoothie. Also, all those ingredients will last her well over a month…if not more.

    • waffre

      So if we divide this figure by six, which is how many smoothies you’ll get out of the coconut milk, and subtract the cost of the blender, it’s still about $31. Nevertheless it’s pretty clear the person who calculated those numbers was going for shock and not accuracy.

    • Avris

      I don’t get the point of this article. Is it meant to parody something? If so, what?

      It feels like I’m reading some sort of satire blog instead of something that’s supposed to be educational. If you’re going to be “goofing”, Joanna, you should tag it as such so people don’t waste their time by reading it.

    • Chameleon

      I’ll just drink a Yoo Hoo and be done with it.

    • guy

      Give me a frikin’ break — you can’t include the cost of the blender in her breakfast. That’s like including the cost of the stove that cooks your fried egg in the morning.

      Also, you are including things like a 3 pound bag of this, and a 1 pound bag of that. She doesn’t make a smoothie that uses an entire 3 pounds of anything.

      This “story” is nothing but tabloid journalism.

    • L

      I feel this had a misleading title and reading this piece was a waste of time…All of those ingredients should actually last between 1-3 months so the actually per serving cost only comes up to few bucks which is totally worth every penny considering the quality/quantity of nutrition it serves…is what I concluded.