22 Things You Should Definitely Say To A Skinny Woman


Pssst, I’m about to say something that isn’t dickish.

Emma Gray¬†at the Huffington Post compiled an excellent list of¬†22 Thing You Should Never Say To A Skinny Woman¬†urging everyone to stop rudely telling people to “eat a hamburger” and that “real women have curves.”

But if we can’t tell skinny women that we hate them or make wild accusations about their mental health, what’s left to say? Here’s a list of alternate things to say if you find yourself in the company of a skinny person:

  • 1. Instead of “You¬†look anorexic!” you should say “You look like you deserve a high five!”
  • 2. Instead of “You’re¬†so thin, you make me sick.” you should say “Don’t get too close to me, I have a cold.”
  • 3. Instead of “Eat a¬†hamburger!” you should say “I’m hungry, wanna get lunch?”
  • 4. Instead of “You look¬†like a toothpick.” you should say “Do I have anything in my teeth?”
  • 5. Instead of “You’re probably¬†too skinny to breastfeed.” you should say “I’m not thinking about your breasts at all right now.”
  • 6. Instead of “Do you¬†ever eat anything?” you should say “I don’t care about your eating habits.”
  • 7. Instead of “Must be nice¬†to be so thin.” you should say “I think you’re beautiful.”
  • 8. Instead of “Do you¬†have an eating disorder?” you should say “Do you have any gum?”
  • 9. Instead of “You’d look so much better if you’d just¬†put some meat on your bones.” you should say “You look great when people aren’t deliberately making you feel bad about your body/”
  • 10. Instead of “You’re¬†too healthy.” you should say “You’re too good at being a friend!”
  • 11. Instead of “How can you be insecure¬†when you’re so small?” you should say “I’m sorry you feel insecure, I think you look bangin’, but I know my opinion is irrelevant.”
  • 12. Instead of “You know, my other friend just¬†got help for her bulimia.” you should say “I’m not going to talk about my other friends’ private matters with you.”
  • 13. Instead of “You’re so skinny,¬†I hate you.” you should say “Wouldn’t it be weird and irrational if I told you I hated you because of your weight?”
  • 14. Instead of “Do you¬†need help?” you should say “Can you help me with my math homework?”
  • 15. Instead of “You’re skinny. You¬†never¬†have to worry¬†about what you eat.” you should say “Thank you for not commenting on my diet.”
  • 16. Instead of “‘Real’¬†women have curves.” you should say “Real women are real women regardless of their body type.”
  • 17. Instead of “Why do you¬†need to work out? You’re skinny!” you should say “Let’s do yoga together.”
  • 18. Instead of “How much did it cost¬†to get your body like that?” you should say “How much would it cost me if I treated you with absolutely no kindness or respect right now?”
  • 19. Instead of “Of course you’re cold! You have¬†no fat on you.” you should say “Here take my scarf.”
  • 20. Instead of “I wish¬†I had your problem.” you should say “War is a serious problem.”
  • 21. Instead of “Be careful or¬†you’ll get blown away.” (On rainy or windy days.) you should say “I understand gravity because I’m an adult.”
  • 22. Instead of “You¬†look like a boy.” you should just fuck off if you even think that kind of thing about a person.

Essentially, just don’t comment on other people’s bodies.

The 22 things you shouldn’t say via Huffington Post//Image via Shutterstock

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    • enbrown

      I’m not thinking about your breasts at all right now.

    • Julia Sonenshein

      War IS a serious problem.

    • Penny

      Nothing wrong with looking like a boy :)