10 Things Worse For You Than Sugar

shutterstock_129035510Listen, everybody knows sugar is straight up bad for you. It’s basically a poison rotting your insides. It’s burning holes in your teeth. It’s liquifying your guts. It’s making your brain sluggish and your butt fat. First it’s coming for your body, then it’s coming for the world. We get it!

Despite having heard sugar referred to as “The Enemy,” I think there are worse evils out there–there are even worse things you could eat.

*This post is entirely goofy–look out for the serious version in the next week!

Click through to see what stuff you should absolutely eliminate from your diet:

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    • Max_Freedom

      I think you forgot the article.

    • anon

      This is truly a terrible, terrible slideshow. It doesn’t deliver what the headlines promises, which would be okay if it were funny, but it’s not. The editor who let this one slip by should be ashamed of this amateurish writing and lack of proper punctuation on the fourth slide.

      • Joanna Rafael

        Wish you weren’t anon. I’d try to make it up to you tomorrow.

    • ugh

      what kind of garbage are you putting on your blog?! your blog posts are going downhill – this was literally a waste of 15 seconds of my time scrolling through this nonsense. also I hate slideshows, just put it all on one damn page

      • Joanna Rafael

        I totally agree about the slideshows–pains in the ass.

      • Becky

        I definitely agree that the posts on this site have been steadily declining for awhile. Many of them sensationalize issues while disregarding the facts and have little scientific basis, instead demonstrating a lack of knowledge on the part of the blogger. I wish there were more carefully thought out articles than the ridiculous fluff often posted. I used to enjoy this site but now it’s often embarrassing to read – its so disappointing. Sigh :(

    • Max_Freedom

      Screw you, Blisstree.

      • Joanna Rafael

        I’m going to do a real version of this soon…basically food dyes, chemicals and corn syrup, dude. No need to be so mad. Not everything is serious.

    • Fabel

      guys, it says right there’s it’s supposed to be goofy (unless that had to be added afterwards, when everyone freaked out?)