The 10 Best Diets (Allegedly)

diet forksThere are so many goddamn diets out there that if I had any interest in controlling my weight, health or food consumption, I would literally freak out trying to figure out where to start. Luckily, there are people out there who are trained in understanding nutrition and bodies who can judge every diet and tell us (the ignorant masses) what’s good. In order to determine the “Best Diets Overall,” nice people at U.S. News (with help from what they call a “panel of health experts”  evaluated a bunch of diets based on the following criteria:

  • Ease of following
  • Nutritiousness
  • Safety
  • Effective for weight loss
  • Effective against diabetes and heart disease

Here are the top 10 best diets (follow the title links for U.S. News’ evaluations and explanations):

  1. DASH Diet- This diet may not be as famous as Atkins and Juice Cleanses, but it’s much healthier. It was formulated to lower blood pressure, but the panel of experts that U.S. News say it’s the very best diet overall.  
  2. TLC Diet – Weirdly enough it has nothing to do with the television network that brings great programming such as  Long Island Medium and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. The TLC stands for Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes. This diet was cooked up by the National Institutes of Health and not by snake oil salesmen, so it’s legit, but you have to be committed.
  3. Mayo Clinic- Rated only moderately effective for weight loss, this diet focuses on lifelong healthy eating. It’s super safe.
  4. Mediterranean- Olive oil bla bla. Healthy fats bla bla.  Mediterranean people never die. You’ve heard it before.
  5. Weight Watchers- Everybody seems to love this weight loss consumer cult–it worked for the fictional Betty Draper. I think it’s a little creepy, but whatever it teaches people to budget nutrition in a healthy way. Weight Watchers makes dieting fun, technological, easy and social. I get it.
  6. Flexitarian- More like SEX-itarean because this is the healthy version of my diet. It’s about being flexible about nutrition, emphasizing produce and whole grains and not totally depriving yourself of meat forever. U.S. News says that “Flexitarians weigh 15 percent less than their more carnivorous counterparts; have a lower rate of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer; and live an average of 3.6 years longer.”
  7. Volumetrics- This diet has you eating the same amount as ever before, just healthier. Basically it’s about replacing the volume of bullshit garbage you eat with energy dense, nutritious vegetables and other healthy options.
  8. Jenny Craig- This diet is expensive and so 90s, but I guess it’s good for you and works if you want to lose weight.
  9. Biggest Loser- Allegedly good for disease prevention and reversal and for short term weight loss. I guess it’s actually healthy (unlike the diet they put Biggest Loser contestants on) and just capitalizes on the show’s famous name.
  10. Ornish Diet- They claim it’s scientifically proven to make humans “feel better, live longer, lose weight, and gain health.” I’m having trouble understanding the diet, but I suppose you tailor it to whatever benefits you want to reap, be it weight loss or heart health.

Have you tried any of these? I think it’s cool that only part of the focus is on weight loss, but they’re mostly interested in health. Cool cool cool. I’d try some of them for sure. I may go way deep into flexitarianism because I’m looking for a new hobby and to live forever.

via U.S. Health News//Image via Shutterstock


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    • buuuuu

      #7 – Most vegetables are nutrient-dense, not energy-dense. There’s a big difference.

      • Joanna Rafael

        Oy! Thanks for catching that.

    • deanalise

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    • sam

      Omitting processed foods, sugar, grains (Paleo,Primal) will lead to weight loss and a healthier life. In my family it is a proven fact. After a few weeks of it you no longer crave or want those items and learn to love the meats, fish, veggies and fruit. It also speeds up shopping & cooking times as well.