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WTF Is A Chakra?

what the fuck is a chakra?Chakras are not musical noise shakers or anything. The concept of Chakras comes from Eastern philosophy, but has been appropriated by alternative Western healing and spirituality which is why I know about them. Probably because they are actually pretty easy to understand considering how intuitive the concept is.

But what the fuck is a chakra and why are hippies always chattering about them? Chakras are energy centers in the body. There are seven–well, some people think there are as many as eleven, but let’s keep this as conventional and simple as possible. For my sake.

So what’s the big deal? ConEdison also has energy centers. Well, I guess it’s a big deal because energy is supposed to flow through your chakras; the word itself means spinning wheel, so basically you want your energy centers to be spinning and not stopped. The yoga chicks and your unnervingly enlightened psychoanalyst are trying to prevent energy blockages in any chakra. Blocked energy can result in illnesses and imbalances. I know, I’m not sure if I’m confused either. I’m also just trying to learn about these things.

Let’s go over the bare bones basics of each chakra, starting from the bottom:

  1. Root Chakra- Located in the tailbone region of the spine. The root chakra is representative of foundation and being grounded. Pretty straight forward, think of the roots of a tree and apply it to your bod. You feel your basic survival issues like independence, money, and food up in your root chakra. It’s color is red. Disturbances in your root chakra can lead to lower back and rectal pain. I read that red food, spicy food, root vegetables and meat can help heal your root chakra.
  2. Sacral Chakra- This chakra rules your connection and acceptance of others and new experiences is in the lower gut zone, a little below your naval and a couple inches inside your belly. You feel pleasure, sexuality, and abundance in your sacral chakra. The locations of the chakras make perfect sense when you think about where in your body you hold tension while handling specific emotions. The sacral chakra’s color is orange. Blockages here can result in reproductive issues, hormonal problems and other complications of the sex organ. Eat orange foods and nuts.
  3. Solar Plexus Chakra- This guy’s in the upper abdomen and deals with confidence and control. This is where our issues of self confidence, self esteem and self control take place. When the yellow solar plexus chakra isn’t spinning properly, it can result in eating disorders, ulcers and gastrointestinal dysfunction. Consume yellow foods, whole grains and tea for your solar plexus chakra.
  4. Heart Chakra- Rules love, duh–though it is located just above your biological heart. Emotional issues here are love, inner peace and joy. Intuitive, non? The heart chakra is green. Disturbances in the energy flow through the heart chakra can lead to breathing or heart problems, a weakened immune system, and issues coping with stress. Cruciferous vegetables and green tea with help get your heart chakra spinning.
  5. Throat Chakra- Guess where this blue chakra is. You’re right, in the throat. And it handles communication, truth and the expression of emotions. I think the lump in your throat that keeps words from coming out when you’re trying to tell someone something hard is energy pumping the throat chakra. When the throat chakra isn’t spinning properly, throat, thyroid and neck issues result. Consume fruit and juice to help out your throat chakra.
  6. Third Eye Chakra- Located on the forehead, between your two eyes, where your third eye would be if you had a literal third eye. A clean and unblocked third eye chakra lets us see the big picture and focus. Emotional issues of the third eye chakra relate to intuition, wisdom, thinking, decision making and imagination–stuff you might squint while thinking about. The third eye chakra is indigo. When energy is blocked here, we get brain problems, mental illnesses and trouble with sight like blindness.  Eat chocolate and purple fruits like blueberries, smell lavender and your third eye will be into it.
  7. Crown Chakra- Represents the ability to feel spiritual connectedness, of course it’s located on the very top of your head. The crown chakra handles emotional issues of beauty, spirituality and pure bliss. The crown chakra is the spiritual domain with no illnesses attached to it. Its color is violet. Rather than benefitting from specific foods or exercises, the crown chakra benefits from air and sunlight.

Please let me know if you have any great healing activities to help get the chakras going or if you know of any excellent resources for learning more about chakras.

Info via Mind Body Green, Care2, Holistic Shop, Whispering Worlds, Zen Lama, Chakra Energy//Image via Shutterstock

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