Would You Wear Maternity Lingerie Like These Hot Pregnant Runway Models?

lingerie fashion week maternity lingerie

For people who love lace, ribbons and silk, lingerie is awesome. But what’s a lady to do when she gets pregnant and none of her unmentionables are still fitting? Why, snag some maternity lingerie, naturally! Now more than ever, there are more options for expecting women to wear throughout their pregnancies, allowing them to feel sexy and comfortable. In fact, a wonderful show took place at Lingerie Fashion Week wherein several pregnant models walked the runway for maternity and nursing wear company You! Lingerie.

For their Spring/Summer 2014 collection, designer Uyo Okebie-­Eichelberger created gorgeous pieces ranging from fun, flirty and colorful designs to more seductive lace and silk items. The pieces were complimented by the thigh high stockings, stilettos, teased hair and exciting makeup that models wore for the show.

While runway models who are pregnant is not exactly a new thing, it is awesome to see a lingerie company that is specifically employing pregnant models, and not just supermodels who happen to be pregnant. Women are often told to hide their stomachs — before, after and during pregnancy — so it is fantastic that You! Lingerie, among others, is creating pieces that are meant to showcase them, rather than cover them up.

[H/T HuffPo; Photo via You! Lingerie's Facebook]

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    • Blah

      I do wish I had invested in more pregnancy underwear.

    • Boots

      In an effort to pep me up, my husband bought me 4 sets of beautiful pregnancy lingere on one condition:i owed him at least one fashion show! I’m no model, but it made me feel beautiful & that’s how he always saw me.

    • Naomi Williams

      Gah. I wouldn’t wear that atrocious hair-do.

    • Justme

      If I looked like that 8 months pregnant, I would TOTALLY do a pregnant lingerie fashion show.

    • FC Higgins

      There is nothing beautiful or sexy about being pregnant. Disgusting cows.

    • Eileen

      Probably not, but not because I think pregnancy is unattractive or weird – just because I’m cheap about things I’m only going to wear for a short while and I know I’d already resent spending money on maternity clothes that people actually see.

    • JudeLawGuardian

      Excuse me while I puke…