Exercise With YouTube: 5 Channels You Should Subscribe To Today

Jane Fonda WorkoutA few years ago, I got hooked on Exercise TV, which was an on demand channel packed exclusively with exercise videos. My friend and I would make space in our living room, suit up in our fitness gear and sweat it out without even leaving the apartment. Exercise TV was a great way to reap the benefits of exercise DVDs without the actual DVDs. My cable provider would upload and change the available options all the time, so I would never get bored like I would with a DVD that never changed.

Though I don’t currently have a television, thanks to the internet, I can totally do workout videos whenever I want wherever I have internet access.

Here are 5 channels you need to know about:

1) Blogilates- POP Pilates and Bootcamp set to fun top 40 songs with the bubbly, adorable and charming Cassey Ho.

2) Livestrong Woman- SO much variety and super legit.

3) TaraStiles- Really great yoga channel. Don’t take my word for it, take Jane Fonda’s. Here’s what Jane Fonda said about Tara Stiles:

“One of the things I like about her is her ability to make yoga accessible to people who might be scared of it or think it might be too esoteric,”

4) Lionsgate BeFit- High quality workouts with serious and famous trainers like Billy Blanks, Jillian Michaels and Kathy Smith. I found it because I was looking for Ballet inspired workouts, but this channel has options for all the different kinds of exercise.

5)Fitness Blender- Full length videos that will KICK YOUR ASS.

Do you have a workout vlog or have a favorite exercise vlogger? Let me know please.

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    • Anna

      http://www.doyogawithme.com and the corresponding youtube channel have free, streaming, full-length yoga videos in a variety of ability levels.

      • Joanna Rafael

        Righteous! Thanks.

    • Tracey

      I love Fitness Blender! In addition to kicking your ass, the couple that runs the site creates an incredibly supportive community!

    • Alyson Melody

      I’m seriously addicted to POP Pilates.

    • deanalise

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    • MelodyJ

      I just discovered http://www.youtube.com/user/superherofitnesstv for Hip Hop dance workouts also http://www.doyouyoga.com/author/erinmotz/ has a 30 challenge and Erin is starting her own You Tube
      I love Pop Pilates and Fitness Blender as well.

    • Lane Gonzalez

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