The Gilmore Girls And Food

gilmore girls foodIt’s hard to believe that it’s been six years since since we last heard from the Gilmore Girls.  But we got a number of heart warming seasons with the wacky, fast talking gals of Stars Hollow before the show ended and we all got old.

The mother daughter duo so clever they’d make Aaron Sorkin feel like flaccid and inarticulate won television viewers’ hearts thirteen years ago with their quick quips, beauty and inexplicably titanic appetites. Seriously, those Gilmore Girls ate a lot, like if they weren’t fictional characters, you would probably worry about them.

Some hilarious genius at The Huffington Post (click for the full breakdown) calculated the number of calories Rory and Lorelei Gilmore would have consumed daily if they were real people. Between pancake and hash brown breakfasts and cheeseburger lunches and cherry coke and cake and all that’s in-between, Huffpo estimates that the daily caloric intake of a Gilmore would be about 3,970 calories.

While I know that the depiction of thin women adorably inhaling calories like pizza loving garbage disposals is irritating to many, I’m kind of into it. I too hate that it’s cute and ok for thin women to have big appetites, but not for women of size and men who say they “like a girl who can eat” but have a strict “no fat chicks” rule are despicable. However, I think it’s cool to show the way junk food and eating can bring people together and be fun and that robust appetites are not necessarily evil. The Gilmore Girls, as far as I know, never apologized for being women who wanted to eat more than their fair share of food.

Here are just a couple examples of Gilmore Girl’s food love:




Info via HuffPo//Image via the WB

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    • Fabel

      THIRTEEN YEARS AGO?? I suddenly feel old as hell.

    • chickadee

      I have no problem with the idea of showing all people having good appetites, but I wouldn’t encourage any show to depict a nearly 4000-calorie diet as normal.

    • Tina

      This is absolute porn to the diabetic, carb-challenged, and calorically challenged woman. That said, I was never against eater’s porn. (Humans gotta eat to survive.) Obvious fantasy, except for the few. Sometimes it catches up in later life. But I gotta remember, this is poetic license.

    • Jim King

      I too hate that it’s cute and ok for thin women to have big appetites,
      but not for women of size and men who say they “like a girl who can eat”
      but have a strict “no fat chicks” rule are despicable.

      You must be a fat chick. I bet you don’t find it despicable if those “women of size” would prefer a thin, athletic man to a fat slob? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

      • Penny Marie Sautereau

        Says the troll who “hates” fat women so much he stalks them all over the internet like a little kid with a crush.

      • Jim King

        I don’t hate them I just find them disgusting – like most guys. There will always be a minority group that’s into whatever perversion. The internet caters to all of the. But most men, and women, find all fatties grotesque. You might try to convince yourself otherwise because a few weirdos find you attractive – like I said, there are always people, luckily a minority, who are into any weird, disgusting thing.

        As for stalking, what are you doing? My comment quoted the article’s author. I must admit I’m surprised you’re still alive, though. I do genuinely doff my hat to for managing to even get out of bed in the morning, day after day. In your shoes, I couldn’t do it.

      • Penny Marie Sautereau

        Disgust IS hatred. You aren’t disgusted by a thing unless you hate it and don’t understand it. Transsexuality is not a perversion, it’s a medical condition. And there are 5 decades of medical science and study that contradicts all the transphobic bile you spread.

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      • Jim King

        Not, disgust and hatred are not the same thing, imbecile.

        I’d like you to cite a few of those five decades of medical science that contradict what I’ve said. You can’t do it because they don’t exist.

        And no kid, I’m not stalking you.

        Of course you are. And I’m not the first you’ve stalked. I’m not the first you’ve had a problem with. But, of course, in every case it’s the other person who has a problem, they’re at fault, they’re full of hatred, bile, etc., etc. Who do you think you’re kidding? Do you believe everyone else out there shares your profound stupidity? They see through you (with a high powered x-ray machine designed for elephants). Give it up.

      • Penny Marie Sautereau

        Yes, disgust and hatred ARE related imbecile. (See? I can use big words too. Unlike you though I actually understand them and can apply them properly).

        Go look at the comments on the Trump article. I did EXACTLY that. Though if you weren’t such a lazy shitstain and could be bothered to do your own damned research you’d already know I’m right. You haven’t though, as made PAINFULLY obvious by your hateful ignorance, and you very likely won’t even seriously read the links I left you. You’ll go in clinging to your bigotry and won’t read with an open intelligent mind, if you even read them at all.

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      • Jim King

        So, no, you can’t produce any evidence to support your opinion. I’m shocked.

        Invest in a dictionary.

      • Penny Marie Sautereau

        I provided plenty kid. You proved me right by ignoring it. But here’s some more just to prove the only one of us with ground to stand on is me.

        You’re welcome. I win. Again. Now back to ignoring your sad useless ass. Toodles!

      • Jim King

        You appear to not know what evidence is.

        I really wish you would stick to ignoring me – for one thing, It would save you repeatedly embarrassing yourself.