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Amanda Bynes Is Going To Be In The Hospital For A Long Time

amanda bynes twitterAccording to The NY Post,  Amanda Bynes who has been making waves in 2013 due to her erratic behavior and recent hospitalization, is in need of long-term hospitalization.

Doctors at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center are treating the ex-comedian turned twitter sensation for schizophrenia, though formal diagnosis is pending. Physicians at the hospital will be sending “a recommendation to the judge overseeing her mother Lynn’s bid for conservatorship, stating Bynes needs prolonged treatment” urging the courts decree that Bynes remain under her mother’s care.

The star’s diagnosis has been described as “complex” and a medication situation that will best treat her condition has yet to be determined. Insiders claim that Amanda would not agree to continue treatment and it’s important that her mother be granted indefinite conservatorship.

According to those insiders willing to spill information to gossip rags:

“She has her good days and bad days, and the goal is obviously to get her therapeutic and stable before being released. Given time and the correct treatment and medicine, Amanda could and should absolutely be able to live with it and be a productive member of society…In fact, she wouldn’t likely suffer from symptoms of it if she stays on her medication.”


Good luck to Amanda Bynes. I think we can all hope she only has “good days” soon and stays out of trouble in the long term. Based on tabloids and her own tweets, she seemed trouble the past few months and her troubles only escalated as people paid more and more attention to The Amanda Show. Whatever happens to her, I hope we can keep mean spirited remarks and bad vibrations down. I don’t know her and I’m not her doctor, so it doesn’t feel right to comment further on her situation.

Story via NY Post// Image via Byne’s Twitter

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  • singer220

    “I don’t know her and I’m not her doctor, so it doesn’t feel right to comment further on her situation.” And yet you quote a tabloid that quotes another tabloid that is all mostly speculation? I hope everyone reading this takes it with a grain of salt considering the “sources” are talking to Radar and the NY Post…