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What Being Sick Feels Like (In Gifs)

sick puppyI’ve come down with something and it feels horrible. It must be a cold or influenza, but my brain is too out of focus from being sick to care. I can barely sit upright. Sorry to whine and complain so much. If you’re walking around all healthy, you’re probably taking it for granted like I was up until yesterday. Maybe this will jog your memory:

It starts off with a tickly, creeping, inkling that something bad is happening.

Ugh and my mouth tastes horrible.

Oh no. Maybe I’m getting sick.

Maybe if I drink a ton of water and eat a bunch of healthy food, it will flush out all the toxins or whatever and prevent this from happening.

Lol nope. One sneeze and it’s critical point.


Everything is the worst, I’m thirsty and I want my mom.

I’m overheating. No, I have the chills. No, I’m overheating.

How long have I been hallucinating for?

I’m feeling dizzy. I just need a quick lie-down.

I forgot what it feels like to be healthy. Everyone feel sorry for me and send help.

I’m the worst at taking care of myself. PRAY FOR ME.

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  • The Healthy Collective

    I’d take Elaine’s advice. Have a shot and get to bed!!

    Hilary x thehealthycollective.com

    • Joanna Rafael


  • Julia Sonenshein