What You Should Never Say To A Mom Who Gave Birth In A Hospital

How to not be super rude to a Mom who had a hospital birth. -The Stir
Being a good Dad takes (small) balls.- The Frisky
Penis gun is art. -Your Tango
Skills for the novice ninja. -Greatist
Ayurvedic secrets for balanced guts. -Well + Good NYC
Tools that will help you resolve any conflict no matter how shitty. -Intent Blog
This stop motion video of sashimi being made is cute and mouth watering. -Eater
Give your hands and wrists a treat and try these self massage techniques. -Alignyo
Soothe your split ends -Divine Caroline
Your phone is giving you “text claw.” -HuffPost Healthy Living
The Armpit Song is a must listen -HuffPost Women
Victoria’s Secret Model’s Circuit Workout! -Pop Sugar Fitness
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