Britain’s Oldest Glamour Model Is A Sexy Weirdo

suzy monty oldest modelSuzy Monty, at 62 years old is considered Britain’s oldest glamour model (Glamour modeling, by the way, is especially geared toward the male gaze, very sexy but not porny). It’s unusual for women to be modeling after a certain age because society is deranged, but Monty has the opportunity to be a glamour model/freak show(in a positive and lucrative way) because her body looks like it belongs to a much younger woman. Seriously, her figure is crazy, like she made a deal with the devil or something.

Images of Monty are somewhat jarring and only partially because the incongruence between her wildly youthful bod and mature face. Her glamour photo shoots are uncanny because the styling is particularly unusual for an older woman. “Age appropriateness” is stupid concept and people should do what they want, but in our society it’s strange to see a 62 year old woman with hair extensions down to there wearing a pink gingham bikini top.

Monty doesn’t totally veer into Whatever Happened to Baby Jane(1962) horror of anachronism territory, but she’s still an oddball to say the least. I don’t want to sound like I’m shaming her, because she has an admirably good attitude and her body is truly smoking hot, but she’s a weirdo! You’ll see.

Here are her most bizarre quotes:

“I get 20-something men calling me gorgeous…They like that I’m an old lady with a younger body.”

20-something men are generally disgusting and I hate that their admiration is apparently something to brag about.

Monty took a 20 year break from modeling when glandular fever took her out of the game. After her extended hiatus, she saw a picture of a very special actress:

“I missed modelling but didn’t consider going back to it until I saw Helen [Mirren] on the beach,’ she revealed. ‘I thought, “I’m 57 and my body is as good as hers’”

That picture of Helen Mirren in a bikini inspired everyone who beheld it.

“One model agency I approached said that I didn’t have the “granny” look for my age…They missed the whole point – a woman looking young for her age. Thankfully, I have since been taken on my a another model agency which does realise my potential as a younger-looking model”

Not all old ladies have to be grannies, but it’s ok to look like a granny too.

Having the body of a much younger woman is her gimmick. How does she keep her sexagenarian bod looking like that? Her most important anti-aging trick:

“Radiate joy and people will smile back, making one’s day a happier experience…I honestly think people these days don’t smile enough, I smile at everyone, even animals”

Oh, okay. Keep getting it, though.

Go to the Daily Mail for more pictures of Suzy Monty.

via Daily Mail//Image screen captured by me

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    • Upscale Stripper

      I love the outfit she is wearing, does anyone know where to get that? I checked but its not there

      • Suzy Monty

        Hi Upscale Stripper,

        It’s just a SCARF – that I tied as a sexy outfit…hope that helps. I do most of my own styling…lol

        Take care and have a great day.
        Suzy Monty

    • Suzy Monty

      Hi Joanna,


      Just read your post about me…just to say I do NOT wear hair
      extensions…my long UNDYED hair is REAL. My late mum would never let me wear
      long hair when I was at school – guess I certainly made up for it sinceJ My hairdresser says my hair is in very
      good condition…only a few grey hairs…I just don’t like short hair. I usually
      wear is tied back when doing housework anyway. I just have a wash N blow dry
      and straighten and a fringe cut every two weeks and the actual lengths cut
      every TWO years. I ONCE had my hair dyed for a catwalk hair show, and the whole
      process was soooo elongated, I said never again. SO, when I eventually go grey,
      then I go grey and EMBRACE the fact. My dad died at 82 and he still had very
      thick hair…guess I get that from him…

      I have not had plastic surgery. The youthful look is in the
      family genes…my late mum & dad looked remarkably young for their age.

      I don’t drink or smoke and love country & coastal
      walking to keep me fit and slim. The Mail said, I walked my dog? My dog died 2
      years ago on my 60th birthday – the press NEVER get their facts

      I love cooking GOOD healthy food – no fast track ready

      I have a great husband. A stable relationship is good.

      OK I’ve an hour glass figure – hope that’s not a crime…can’t
      help the way I am made.

      Yep, I smile a lot. I’ve a great sense of humour. People in
      general should smile more. Keep the World HAPPYJ

      Yep, it’s ok to look like a granny – it’s just that I don’t.

      I admire greatly, mature super model Daphne Selfe who is
      still modelling in her mid-80s’ – she modelled a Madonna type corset
      recently…glamour picture for a calendar. No-one said much at that?

      Healthwize – 35 years of migraines overcome, an underactive
      Thyroid (for life) and my gallbladder and benign tumour removed 2 years
      ago…never mind the Glandular Fever that the press mention, which made me retire
      from modelling at 40. I’ve fought my way through…didn’t expect to return to

      I do more high class fashion work now, than glamour…It’s
      just the first newspaper published that glamour cricket bikini picture of
      me…and the rest, as they say is history….I wouldn’t want to be totally famous…I
      don’t know how the really famous ladies have the stamina…

      My beauty regime is VERY simple…no makeup worn in between
      shoots, just moisturiser and sorry to be boring, but I go to bed early and get
      up early…I DON’T have facials…as the Mail reported. Can’t afford for one thing.

      I did NOT make the
      following quote – the magazine DID, they insisted on using it for their
      by-line…I CRINGED when I read that…Ghastly…

      IF you knew me, you
      wouldn’t make such sweeping statements, the press stir things up.

      Here are her most bizarre quotes:

      “I get 20-something men calling
      me gorgeous…They like that I’m an old lady with a younger body.”


      Suzy Monty

      p.s. If you want to ask me any questions, then happy to answer…but
      please get your facts right before publishing on the good ol’ internet…

      Have a great dayJ

    • justjules

      what an awful load of twaddle you wrote. Perhaps when you get fedup working here you should go work for the other epic of fiction, The Daily Fail. You could try getting your facts right before rubbishing people. I just wonder how many other people you have hurt by writing such crap

    • MaryAlice Pollard

      Someone seems to be pretty desperate for a story that they are having to make up things and insult people in the same breath, rather stroke of a not very stylish pen ?! With one stroke of the pen you raise her up and with the next you slap her down !? Perhaps you should have taken the time to go and meet Susy, spend time with her and really get to know the person that she is because she is a beautiful lady, with an amazing heart and a fine example of how very important living a healthy lifestyle is, not only physically but emotionally also. . Young aspiring models could learn much from her and mature models can take her fine example on how to promote one’s self with dignity and class. No, Suzy is a what you see is what you get person, no needles to fluff up this or that, no plastic surgery and certainly no hair extensions. And she certainly knows the modelling business inside and out. Anyone who has the pleasure of working with her can certainly back me up on that ! Shame on you, your lack of good honest journalism without a doubt is very evident !

    • Facebreaker

      This is extremely offensive to a close friend of mine – it is also complete LIES and libel so Brian you will end up in court if you continue posting this crap. I know Suzy personally and I assure EVERYONE she is 100% genuine and this Brian idiot is just a figment of his own sorry imagination. The guy is some kind of loser that he has to pick on successful people to replace his own inadequate sad little make believe life.
      Steps are being taken to find you Brian and see that you pay for these remarks.
      Keep smiling.!