Kim Kardashian Divulges How Much Pregnancy Weight She Gained, Crowd Goes Wild

A pregnant Kim Kardashian wearing the album cover to New Order's Power, Corruption, & Lies

A pregnant Kim Kardashian wearing the album cover to New Order’s Power, Corruption, & Lies

I love busting Kim Kardashian’s chops more than anyone, but I am still in awe of her sometimes. She’s gorgeous, I genuinely believe she and Kanye West are perfect for each other, and she totally knows how to work the system to get paid big time. Basically, for every pound KK has lost or gained at any point in her career as a famous person, another sack of gold coins is poured into the Scrooge McDuck inspired hot tub that she and Kanye bang in*. Sure, it sucks how much we focus on weight and women’s bodies, but who am I to criticize how a woman makes her money** or what she does with her own body?

Recently we heard about weight loss strategy for losing the baby weight, but there had only been speculation as to how much weight Kim Kardashian had actually gained while pregnant with petite bebe North West. Gossip vultures need not guestimate any longer: the most recent issue of People Magazine reveals the number of pounds the reality star/sex tape haver put on while gestating her little bundle of joy. According to People according to Kim herself, the newly engaged tabloid fixture gained 50 lbs. Apparently she’s lost 43 of those pounds already.

Okay, so now we know that a famously bodacious new mom gained 50 lbs while pregnant. What are we supposed to do with that information?

*I’m pretty sure all rich people have these.

**Unless she is a murderer or something, then I’m going to be way judgmental.

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