A Smoking Hot Infographic On A Smoking Hot Topic: A Timeline Of Marijuana Use In The U.S.

history of potAs a Californian who went to a liberal arts college for lefty-weirdos, I have my opinions on the legalization of marijuana. I’m pretty sure that everyone I know feels similarly on the subject, but perhaps that’s because those against pot keep their judgmental mouths shut about their desire to tell other people what to do.*

Due to social stigma, stereotypes, and flat out misunderstanding, Americans are still wildly divided on the subject of marijuana usage, despite the fact that it has proven to be no more harmful than alcohol or cigarettes and just so happens to aid a number of conditions from AIDS to Multiple Sclerosis.

I suppose those who think that widespread acceptance of marijuana usage is one of the four horseman of the apocalypse feel that it is fair for those suffering from symptoms of MS to be denied a treatment that could provide comfort so long as those good-for-nothing-lotus-eating hooligans keep off the grass. However, part of me dislikes the argument that weed can be used strictly medicinally in favor of more lenient Marijuana policies because usage should not just be restricted to those who are considered “sick enough” to deserve it.

Wherever you stand on the smoky marijuana debate, this infographic is enlightening and in the grand tradition of infographics, easy to understand:

Up in Smoke: A Timeline of Marijuana Use in the U.S.Image compliments of Online Paralegal Degree Center

*Ed note: These opinions are solely those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Blisstree.com

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    • Muggle

      I’m all for legalization, but the smokers really don’t help their cause with all the blatant bullshit they spout about weed curing cancer and doing their best to force it on others.

      And great, I can go out and get some weed to treat my Tourette Syndrome. Just some more fucking ammo the stoners need to get me to try weed when I have absolutely no desire to.

      The only reason I want that shit legalized is so that people stop thinking OMG it’s so cool trryyyyy ittttttt.

      • Joanna Rafael

        Annoying stoners are embarrassing the discrete and typical stoners of the world!

      • Muggle

        What pisses me off is, weed now is SO much stronger and there are SO many varieties of it that some of it may well do the exact opposite of what’s advertised. While there are certainly some good compounds in marijuana that are good, there is also some bad and it shouldn’t be advertised as something totally, 100% healthy.

        Most people use marijuana recreationally. End of. A lot of people abuse the system to get medical marijuana. Every time I see someone who’s pro-legalization tout the alleged health benefits citing studies mentioned in mainstream news media (which has a horrible track record with science reporting, btw) I roll my eyes. I’m not discounting what the actual science says, and I’m not discounting the potential and proven benefits for people who use it for legitimate medical treatment. But I can’t help but feel like they’re really not helping themselves when they do that. Because I know that nearly all of the stoners I’ve met who have touted the health benefits, one person used it for medical purposes. ONE. PERSON.

        If you want to use marijuana just because you like to, fucking own it. Don’t go “well SOME people use it for medical purposes!” because they’re in the minority and everyone knows it. And if you want to use it for fun, fine. Do not force it on anyone. Do not EVER put some into a vent as a “prank” to get everyone high. Do not trick someone into eating your “special” brownies. Because 1) it is really, really, REALLY assholish to force any drug on ANYONE and yes marijuana is a drug in the same sense alcohol and tobacco are and 2)marijuana is still illegal for most people. Doing that shit causes all kinds of problems even for people who use it willingly. It gets people fired from their jobs. It can get people arrested when they can’t drive and get noticed by a police officer. And then there are more problems that come from that. Never mind that some people, believe it or not, actually do have bad reactions to it.

        I swear I would not be so anti-stoner if it weren’t for infographics like these giving the ‘annoying’ stoners more excuses to be assholes. Discreet and “typical” stoners are fine, because at least they’re honest and respectful of other people.

      • Julia Sonenshein