Third Grade King Pin Suspended For Snorting Candy

the office drugsNBC Atlanta affiliate recently reported that a 3rd grader at Porterdale Elementary School was suspended for two days after getting busted for snorting smarties. You read that right: smarties, the hard stuff. The 9-year-old child was seen crushing up the tart candy and inhaling it like a Bret Easton Ellis character in a downward spiral. The school did what it had to do and taught that kid a lesson. Or the school reacted disproportionately.

Should the little boy have been reprimanded? Yes. Told he shouldn’t do what he did and why? Yes. Taken out of school for two days? Absolutely not. I wonder what else Porterdale Elementary treats as a suspend-able offense.

Here are a few ideas of other things children don’t understand but should be punished for anyway:

  • Knowing the F-word
  • Simulating sex by impersonating pop-stars
  • Holding their privates parts with their hands when they have to pee
  • Curiosity in general
  • Reading books about witchcraft

Of course snorting candy should be discouraged, but punishing a little kid for something so innocuous is preposterous. The child wasn’t selling or using drugs. It’s not like he was the first kid to do this. When I was a child, I remember kids snorting pixie stick powder. I’m pretty sure that as long as we’ve had noses and powder, humans have been inhaling all sorts of things. Perhaps the school could better supervise its student body so that children don’t consume candy in a dangerous way, rather than disciplining a child for mimicking adult activity.

via Time via 11 Alive//Image via NBC


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    • nikki753

      The article I read made it sound like this was totally novel. Nope. Was definitely crushing and kind of snorting/pretending to snort Smarties along with all of my pint-size colleagues at least 20 years ago. I saw the headline and thought, “Duh, of course a kid was trying to snort candy. How is this news?”

      • Muggle

        My friends were doing that in middle school 10 years ago. This really isn’t new.

    • Elly

      Back in high school, myself and a few friends were sitting a table in the cafeteria after halloween. I pulled out a package of smarties and a friend of mine and I dared one of the others to smash up the white ones and snort it. You know, kids being stupid XD.

    • Mel

      Are you sure it was smarties? The article described them as tart.