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Get Yourself A Brand New Vagina In The Time It Takes To Get A Manicure

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Sharon Osbourne admitted to having her vag tightened.

What’s on your Christmas list? New skis? Le Creuset cookware? A designer purse? A designer vagina?

Rather than undergoing vaginal corrective surgery, try Femilift, which is basically a laser light show that tightens your pussy. The Femilift treatment is a non-invasive vaginal tightening alternative to surgery; a gynecologist remodels the vaginal tissue using a “pain-free thermal heating system which which induces collagen and elastin contraction and regeneration to make the vaginal canal smaller.” It’s as easy as pie. All it takes is £1800 for five 30 minute sessions spaced two to four weeks apart to make your vagina a totally different and better vagina.

Snark aside, it truly is amazing that we have this technology and medical knowhow. My problem isn’t that vaginal rejuvenating procedures exist, it’s that the draw is rooted deeply in sexism. Femilift can actually help women feel better about their bodies, their sex lives and themselves. Those things are all awesome; however, making an old snatch look young again is creepy.

Maggie Johnson told the  The Daily Mail that the procedure changed her life:

“After having my second child I started to suffer from urinary incontinence, especially whenever I laughed, coughed or sneezed. It was a pain and it stopped me from going to parties or enjoying myself when I was out and about. I was constantly looking for the next loo.”

Femilift helped her get her life back and made her sex more pleasurable, excellent. How could I be opposed to something with medical and mental health benefits (even if it sort of fetishizes youth and objectifies the female body)?

Hopefully, Femilift professionals will stress that this procedure though non-invasive is still a serious medical procedure. It’s not a quick fix and it’s something women should do for themselves, not because they’re being pressured by their husbands.

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  • Lindsey Conklin

    Hmm, such an interesting name for this procedure: Femilift…discreet.

  • Sarah Morgan

    I call BS on Maggie Johnson’s testimonial for the Daily Mail. The diameter of the vagina has nothing to do with incontinence. Urine comes out of the urethra.

    • http://MsBehaved.Com/ Bianca James

      It’s weak PC muscles that cause incontinence. But you don’t have to have surgery to fix that if you do your kegels.

  • http://MsBehaved.Com/ Bianca James

    Or you could just buy some fucking kegel balls.

  • Chuck

    Need more article about this!