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Holiday Diet Dos And Don’ts According To Tracy Anderson

Tracy Anderson Trains With POM Coconut In NYCGwyneth Paltrow’s trainer and celebrity body guru, Tracy Anderson shocked me by giving Refinery 29 a number of holiday diet tips that aren’t totally horrific. I was expecting Anderson to do her whole “be teeny tiny” schtick complete with jokes about turning into Santa or something. What a pleasant surprise that even Tracy Anderson can spread goodwill for the season in her own Tracy Anderson sort of way. Sure, she’s really fixated on organic foods and working out every day, but she also thinks juice cleanses and very extreme diets are wacky.

Here’s a small sampling of  Tracy Anderson’s holiday diet dos and don’ts:

“Don’t: Skip Your Workout Just Because It’s The Holidays”

Excellent idea. Time doesn’t stop just because it’s the end of the year. Anderson says:

“You wouldn’t not brush your teeth throughout the holidays, you know? You’re not going to not wash your face. So, people can’t have the mentality of, ‘I’m not going to work out’ or ‘Working out is a chore’ or ‘Working out is a luxury.’ No, working out is actually taking care of your body and your health and staying connected. It’s the only thing that will sustain you; it’s the only thing that will help fight disease, problem areas, imbalance, and aging. You know? It’s it. People have to do it all the time.”

I was with her until the end. Exercise is not the only thing that will sustain you, fight disease, “problem areas,” imbalance (whatever the fuck that is), and aging. It is good for you though and if you’re placing value on maintaing your diet and fitness over the holidays, you can’t be skipping sessions at the gym.

“Do: Allow Yourself To Enjoy The Party”

Hell yeah. Deprivation sucks. You have to live a little! Anderson starts getting a little weird about it though:

“Number one, people should not prepare what they’re going to eat or not eat when going to a party. You need to have the mentality that, ‘I’m going to a party, and if there’s something at the party that I feel like I want to eat, then I’m gonna eat it.’ Unless you decide to know yourself on a real chemical level, you cannot take my advice or anyone else’s on what you should or should not eat, nutritionally. We are all different; Our operating systems are all different. So, unless you know what foods cause your inflammation, you’re just guessing and torturing yourself for no reason at all.”

WTF about chemicals? How is that related to whether or not I’m going to eat pigs-in-a-blanket at my friend’s party?

“Do: Find Alternative Ways To Make Your Favorite Foods”

Other than calling my body an operating system, this isn’t half bad advice:

“If you loved something since the time that you were seven years old, but then your operating system and your food allergy test says that you’re allergic to one of those ingredients, should you never eat it again? No. You should figure out a way to make it without those ingredients. When I found out that I was allergic to gluten, that was really hard for me. Because I love bread and I love pasta; I love all these things. And, do you think I don’t have those things in my life anymore?


No. I really really focus on: How do I make brownies that are freaking amazing that are gluten-free? I’m not allergic to sugar; I’m not allergic to dairy; I’m not allergic to anything else. I’m not allergic to corn or rice – there are other kinds of flours and and sources to bake things. So, it’s about knowing yourself and not depriving yourself of the tastes and experiences that you love.”

Cool cool cool. I’d love to sample her gluten free brownies. It’s always fun to try to make things healthier. It makes you feel like a mad scientist or witch or something.

Check out the rest of Tracy Anderson’s holiday diet advice over at Yahoo!News via Refinery29

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  • Fabel

    This is all pretty solid actually, yeah. I like the “eat what you wanna eat at a party” advice—because convincing yourself to stay away from this or that at a party is just miserable, & you wind up eating it anyway, & there can be a cycle of food guilt or whatnot. Just go, & eat whatevz (& no, I have no clue what she’s talking about with the “chemically” bit; maybe she means like how bodybuilders need to know everything that’s going into their body? That kind of thing, involving “macros” & other shit I know nothing about?)

    • Joanna Rafael

      She’s a freaky deaky, but I love these tips.

    • Gara Steinfeld

      haha a freaky deaky, why do you think that? I just heard of her “restart project”. I’m diggin it