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Google’s Most Searched For Diets Of 2013

popular dietGoogle revealed what diets people have been searching for this year. It’s cool that people are researching diets before taking on a new way of eating. Hopefully they’re also talking to doctors about their new plan.

Here are the year’s most googled diets, and also my weirdo thoughts about them:

1 Paleo Diet: People also call this the “Caveman Diet” as if we really know what cavemen were eating. I call it the Flintstone’s diet becuase the emphasis on animal protein reminds me of the ribs that Fred Flintsone eats at the drive-in during the title sequence. 

2 Juice Cleanse Diet: You forego solids in favor of fluid goop made of fruits, roots and veggies. Maybe some folks are into it, but I tried it and it wasn’t for me. Not a big fan of starving, but I get the appeal big time.  

3 Mediterranean Diet: They say this one is great for longevity. Greek people are apparently immortal. Sarcasm aside, the mediterranean diet isn’t half bad. Who doesn’t love fish, olive oil, nits, seeds and WINE? Murderers.

4 Master Cleanse Diet: Why are people still googling this tacky fad cleanse from a few years ago? Passe. Hot maple syrup lemonade is gross and apparently gives you weird bowel movements. 

5 Ketogenic DietKetosis is confusing and makes your pee smell. 

6 Okinawa Diet: Allegedly this has age-defying properties. I may google it myself.

7 Omnivore Diet: Most people do this one.

8 Fruitarian Diet: A funny way of saying vegan minus grains. 

9 Pescetarian Diet: A fancy way of saying vegetarian plus fish.

10 Flexitarian Diet: A fancy way of saying vegetarian but not that strict about it. 

I project next years most googled diets will be pretty much the same plus a few more fad diets involving the elimination of certain food groups.

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  • The Hair Care Pro

    God, Paleo and Keto where EVERYWHERE this year. How about this? We all just start eating healthy, natural foods in moderation. Skip the prepacked and fast food joints (which, in addition to barely qualifying as foods, engage in disgusting economic practices). That’s my goal for the year in any case–preparing healthy, low cost food in advance.

    Happy New Years to you all! Looking forward to reading along in 2014

  • JC

    Before following any diet read this!
    Meat and Dairy Can Rapidly Alter Gut Bacteria and Cause Inflammation
    “…the study unlocks a potentially new avenue for treating intestinal disease. I would add that it likely unlocks ways to treat other inflammatory diseases in the body. Heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and even cancer…”

  • John Craft

    Also checkout Paleo99Diet web for some nice recipes.