Pictures Of Vintage Bikini Babes Because Eff The Cold And Eff The Bikini Bridge

Who gives a hoot about the bikini bridge? Who gives a hoot about the cold? Not I. We can’t. If you’re not sure what the bikini bridge is, please read more about the bikini bridge here and roll your eyes until they stay rolled forever. If you’re not somewhere beyond chilly right now, I’m very envious.

Instead of bitching and moaning about how freezing the temperatures are and how horribly we treat women’s bodies, let’s look at vintage bathing babes and dream of running around on warm sand and swimming in refreshing waters.

Look at all these bodacious babes getting active in their bathing suits:

vintage babes vintage babes1 vintage babes2 vintage babes3 vintage babes5 vintage babes6 vintage babes7 vintage babes8 vintage babes9 vintage babes10 vintage babes11 vintage babes12 vintage babes13Images via Shutterstock

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    • Katja Yount

      Hooray for vintage bikini pictures! But you know that the ‘bikini bridge’ trend that’s happened over the last few days is a 4Chan hoax, though, right?

      • Kelly

        It started as a joke but insecure women and douchebag men are jumping on it and making it a trend. Just read the comments on the other article.

        It’s becoming a thing because people suck.

      • Katja Yount

        Ugh. People are the worst.

    • Kay_Sue

      I need a vintage bikini. Those are hot. :)

      • Joanna Rafael

        Vintage swimwear is the cutest and most supportive!