Shopping Guide: Ballet Inspired Workout Clothes For Barre And Beyond

audrey balletBarre workouts are fun because I can pretend to still be a little girl in the throes of her tragically short lived ballet career. Part of the fun of ballet, for children and adults alike is the clothing. The costumes at a real ballet performance really are something to see, but the basic practice clothes for a ballerina also have a distinct and pretty aesthetic even without the skillful costume department of Les Ballets du Trockadero.

Before we get to the pieces, there are a few simple rules for a ballet-inspired workout look:

  • Rule #1 Always go for simple colors like black, grey and light pink.
  • Rule #2 Choose movement fabrics that are easy to layer.
  • Rule #3 Fit is everything.

Here are ballet inspired workout clothes to help you look like a ballerina off-duty:

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    • kristiyamaguchi

      Its odd to see black slippers recommended for women. Usually black or white slippers are for men and pink / flesh shoes are for women.

      • Sam Inoue

        Actually I did ballet for pretty much my whole youth and the color of my shoes never mattered unless it was during a show. I generally worn black slippers like those in rehearsals when I was a kid. I know a few places that were super strict, but not most nowadays. Also this is for a barre workout, not a real ballet academy so I’m sure its just about style.

    • My Skin Design

      Good and Informative…. Thanks..