10 Body Image Lessons From Honey Boo Boo Herself

I had never seen an episode of the show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo when I first saw the following Gif animated on my computer screen last year:

I couldn’t find a gif of Honey Boo Boo aka Alana Thompson’s mother’s response, but I remember finding it remarkably moving. Mama June answered her child with something positive and affirming along the lines of “Yes, you do look like a chunky lemon and you look beautiful.” If anyone knows where I can find that TV moment, I’d like to watch so I can get myself good and farklempt.

America’s most gif-able reality TV family has a lot to teach us all about acceptance and love. Some judgmental pricks may not be able to understand the beauty and wisdom of Honey Boo Boo and her kin, but those shmucks are missing out. June, Chubbs, Alana and the whole Honey Boo Boo crew may not be fancy people, but they are probably the only good people who have ever had their own reality show. Honey Boo Boo herself may be a handful, but she’s obviously well loved by her family, America and herself.

Here are 10 body image lessons straight from Honey Boo Boo:

Lesson 1- Screw the beauty ideal.

Lesson 2- Attitude is everything.

Lesson 3- Take care of yourself and don’t be afraid to ask to have your needs met. 

Lesson 4- Food is fuel, not the enemy. Lesson 5- If you got it, flaunt it. By it I mean, whatever it is you want to flaunt.Lesson 6- Don’t tolerate disrespect.

Lesson 7- If you’re not hateful, honesty doesn’t sound harsh.

Lesson 8- You ultimatelu decide how to feel about yourself. Be posi. 

Lesson 9- Even in literal beauty pageants, there are more valuable things than appearances.  

Lesson 10- Seriously, just do you and screw everyone else. If the world gets you down, spend some time alone.

The little self proclaimed redneck pageant girl returns to our TV sets this Thursday. I’m sure she’ll be spitting more truths and laying wisdom down.

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    • Mel

      I guess I’m a judgmental prick. I embrace that if if means that I don’t support putting children in “reality” shows. Beauty pageants=gross. Child beauty pageants=child abuse. I don’t think “fancy” should be an insult. Child prostitution is an insult. If “fancy” means that we dress our children appropriately and don’t exploit them to make money, then fancy is a compliment.

      • Joanna Rafael

        Fancy is nice, but not being fancy isn’t a problem. This child in particular doesn’t seem to object to being involved in beauty pageants, so equating it to abuse and prostitution is wildly unnecessary. Honey Boo Boo’s mother has put the money earned from the television program in a trust and isn’t exploiting her to make money.

      • Mel

        I appreciate your reply, but I’ll just have to respectfully disagree on this one. I (obviously) feel really strongly about the child beauty pageant/child reality show issue. Regardless of how the money is spent, it’s still exploitation in my eyes. And I’m not surprised the child doesn’t object. She gets attention and candy and pretty clothes! But she’s a child, and can’t be expected to make a responsible decision.