Lindsey Vonn Somehow Managed To Fat Shame Skinny Women For Not Being As Fit As She Is

Lindsey Vonn of the U.S. Alpine Ski Team addresses the mediaOlympic gold medalist and famously beautiful skier Lindsey Vonn might be injured, but she’s still got it. By it, I mean a highly competitive spirit. The gifted athlete is featured in the March issue of  to Self Magazine and her interview proves that she is both human and kind of a jerk.

Despite being an athlete and sex symbol, even Tiger Woods’ girlfriend feels insecure about her bod sometimes. Unfortunately expressing her insecurities included saying shitty things about other womens’ bodies.

She told the magazine that she struggles at celebrity filled events because she takes up more room than other ladies:

“It’s difficult to be at events with a room full of women who weigh half as much as you do. It was hard to go to the Met ball, with people who eat lettuce and a Diet Coke for dinner.”

First things first, we have to suspend disbelief for a minute and pretend that Lindsey Vonn’s body is radically different from the Hollywood norm. It isn’t and that’s why she’s posing in a bikini in SELF, but let’s pretend it is. 

Assuming to know what other people eat based on what they look like is rude. This statement smacks of sour grapes, that she has to presume the people who make her feel bad for existing are depriving themselves to look the way they do.

We haven’t even gotten to her jerkishness yet. Let the skinny-shaming begin:

‘I don’t envy them, though, because so many of them are skinny-fat. They have more cellulite than most people,’ 

It’s great that she loves her strong and beautiful professional athlete bod, but does she have to be so negative about these other women? It’s not really her business whether or not they have cellulite and even if they do, it’s shitty to point it out as if it makes them disgusting monsters. Maybe Vonn should consider that if an elite athlete can feel insecure, anyone can. She doesn’t have to find skinny bodies enviable, but she shouldn’t have to bash them. 

And yet she gets worse:

“I feel like I need to give them a cheeseburger. It’s sexy and beautiful to be strong.”

I agree with the second part, but the first is just a classic jerk move. Lindsey Vonn, it is uncool to joke like that. You don’t know what other people eat, you shouldn’t judge people based on their figures and it’s patronizing to assume skinny women need help feeding themselves.   

Pitting body types against each other is always a shitty thing to do. There’s no need to compare physiques, especially when yours has already competed and come out victorious in feats of athleticism.

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    • Mara

      Well she’s prove she’s as big of a jerk as her boyfriend. They deserve each other.

      • Joanna Rafael

        Yeah, he sucks.

    • Lindsey Conklin

      I just dont understand the need to put others down. So great to talk about your insecurities, I’m sure that’s difficult. but a-she has an amazing body. shes an athlete! and b-she doesnt need to shame other celebs by assuming they dont eat just because they are small/claim they all have cellulite

      • Joanna Rafael

        Exactly! It’s super weird and negative to have so many opinions about the way other people look, though it breaks my heart that she doesn’t feel like a smoky babe all the time.

    • Ashley Reese

      I love when people who straight up look like the ideal beauty in every way, shape and form are deluded enough to act as if they’re walking fuggos

      • HB

        It’s kind of sad.

      • Joanna Rafael


      • Elizabeth Aspen

        It’s like when supermodels think they’re ugly or fat. I want to Cher-in-Moonstruck them back to Earth: ‘Snap out of it!’

      • Joanna Rafael

        Best. Reference. Ever.

    • HB

      I guess because of the magazine it’s in, I thought maybe this is her (snarky, insecure) way of giving health advice? Like, telling women they need to feed their bodies to get strong? Not sure.

    • Laura

      It’s too bad she feels the need to say anything negative concerning others. Focus on yourself Lindsey and guess what, the body is in a constant state of flux, it will never remain static and that goes for your body as well.

      • Joanna Rafael

        “The body is in a constant state of flux” <—That's beautiful and true.

    • Elizabeth Aspen

      Don’t worry, Lindsay, no one’s really envying you, either. You may have a hot bod, but it’s not going to stop your boyfriend from finding more hot-bodded women behind your back.

    • Fat&Healthy

      I took her comments as an overall statement that skinny doesn’t always equal healthy, which is very true.

    • luci

      Well, her knee is broken and she is not competing in Sochi so… karma is real!