Real Quotes from College Students Who Think They Invented Anal Sex

anal sex

anal sexHuffington Post Live spoke to a few college campus sex columnists about anal sex and their responses could have only been more college-y if the kids said that straight couples engaging in anal was a heteronormative appropriation of queer sex.

Let’s go over a couple of their campus quad opinions on butt sex:

Washington State University’s Abigal Student wrote a column urging her fellow students to at least try the back door, because everybody is doing it,

“Modern men and women have gone off the beaten path by moving their entry point two inches south from that of their forefathers,” 

I’m only a few years out of college, yet I know my generation did not invent anal sex. Let me tell you, Abigal and students of Washington State University: our forefathers did anal all the freaking time. People have been using all the different holes since we evolved to have them, they just didn’t talk about it because it was more stigmatized and the oversharing culture of the internet wasn’t a thing yet.

“Modern American couples have normalized the practice of anal sex. In the words of Frost ‘the road less traveled by’ has gained some serious traffic.” 

Cool literary reference! While doing it in the butt is certainly more normalized for straight people these days, (she references a study from the National Survey of Family Growth that indicated 44% of straight dudes and 36% of straight women admit to anal sex at least once) it’s always been “normal” for couples that have sex but don’t have a vagina between them.

Meanwhile, in a different part of the country, co-ed Nicha Ratana-Apiromyakij is confident that anal is going down in the Brown dorms:

“I think Brown is known to be more sexually open than your average university. One of the things that we really advocate on campus is free and enthusiastic consent. I’m pretty sure anal sex happens on our campus, and as long as both parties are consenting, that’s a good thing.”

I’m not sure if Brown has a reputation for being the adventurous swingers sex club of the Ivy League, but I can’t disagree with how important it is that any sex act is consensual.

This really is all much ado about nothing. College kids want to own everything, even sex acts. Every generation is going to think they invented edgy music and perverted sex.

By the way kids, you didn’t invent vodka soaked tampons, 69ing or disdain for over 30 either.

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      AHHH Anal is happening in Brown dorms! Maturity, right over here…

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    • Muggle

      >>44% of straight dudes and 36% of straight women admit to anal sex at least once

      uhhhh… something doesn’t seem right here…

      • Natasha

        It doesn’t have to mean that men are bragging or women are ashamed! It could statistically mean that straight women who’ve had anal sex have had more partners on average than men.

      • Muggle

        I was trying to make a really immature joke there, but this too. That’s actually what I thought of before the stupid joke.

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      I can’t handle this oh my god

      • Sarah Hollowell

        fellow college students you hurt me