Sorry Lipo, But Boob Jobs Are Still The Most Popular Plastic Surgery Of Them All

breast implant popularityIf you’re considering a boob-job of any sort, whether you want your fun bags to be bigger, smaller, perkier, rounder or just filled with less organic tissue and more silicone, you are not alone. In fact, you are in great company. When it comes to breast augmentation, everybody is still jumping on that bandwagon.

The ASPS plastic surgery statistical report from 2013 indicates that breast augmentation is still #1 when it comes to cosmetic procedures. According to the report, there were 290,000 boob jobs performed last year–that’s a one percent increase from the year before and a heaving 37% increase from the turn of the millennium.

Prominent Orange County plastic surgeon, Dr. Joseph T. Cruise (don’t you just love his name? It sounds like the name of an Orange County plastic surgeon from a soap opera to me) is confident that boob jobs will remain top dog in years to come.

“I’m not sure we will see the day another procedure outperforms breast augmentation. With the improvements of implants, as well as techniques, I imagine the numbers will continue to climb steadily.”

Dr. Cruise points to a few major reasons explaining the continuously rising popularity of the already popular procedure. One contributing factor is the use of implants in more breast related procedures than the classic enlargement. Dr. Cruise and others are using implants in breast augmentations of course, but also in “the majority of his breast lift and breast reduction cases.” What? Breast implants are being used in breast reductions? It makes sense when you think about it.

As surgical techniques improve, Dr. Cruise and other cosmetic surgeons have seen “the overwhelming benefit of adding breast implants when performing breast lifts or breast reductions” claiming that “his patients end up with a superior result, which is not only attractive, but long-lasting.” This all makes sense, using an implant can guarantee that breasts will have a certain shape that we are used to seeing in magazines and on television. Even if you are looking to have smaller breasts or just lifted breasts, having an implant inside can aid in achieving what society decided is a desirable look.

Another reason Dr. Cruise and the ASPS believe breast implants are still increasing in popularity is due to the improvements in silicone breast implants which were once viewed as dangerous. In 2013, almost three quarters (72%) of implants were silicone rather than saline, implying that patients are no longer terrified of silicone. Apparently the new and improved form-stable gel implants make the original silicone implants from the days of old look like hot murderous garbage. Today, there are three silicone breast implant manufacturers with FDA approval.

Although these statistics imply that women are still feeling shitty enough about their breasts to go under the knife, it’s excellent that techniques and materials used to enhance breasts are being improved all the time. Safety first!

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    • Kaitlin Reilly

      As long as people are still getting implants, we better make sure they are as safe as possible. The fewer breast implants that pop during flights, the better.

      • Joanna Rafael

        I like to think about the times that breast implants have saved lives. I think that’s happened at least once.

    • Lindsey Conklin

      I’ve never understood this trend. (although I would’ve appreciated a bigger natural contribution)

      • Joanna Rafael

        All boobs are good boobs!

    • BDC0213

      I’m still glad I did this at 18, but I did go for a silicone upgrade after having a child 2 years ago giving them a shelf life of 15 years.

      The funny and not-at-all-surprising thing is that my perspective has changed along with my cup size. Growing up, my A/B cup was a sure source of disappointment; I yearned for a Hollywood chest (even the Little Mermaid had quite the rack), and it sure doesn’t help when your best friend is a swimsuit model herself.

      I pulled the trigger my freshman year in college and was usually pleased with the result over the years. As fashions changed, however, certain looks just didn’t compliment the full C cup and many tops and dresses didn’t fit cause…hey, it’s not exactly natural to have a 37″ chest with a size 2 rest of you. With the passage of even more time and the aforementioned upgrade (now a D), I wouldn’t consider baring cleavage or wearing many bikini top styles cause it would look, well, tacky.

      I swear it now seems like more women of natural proportions are featured onscreen and in magazines, but it’s just as likely that I now notice rather than dismiss them. (On my Disney kick–cause I’m a parent maybe–compare Rapunzel and the Frozen sisters to the voluptuous Jasmine or Ariel.) I think they look just fine and wonder how in the world I ever could have thought I looked so unfeminine with more modest assets.

      My point here is that it’s funny what your mind does to you. Er, my mind, the mind of people who go in for such things. All being said, I’d still rather have the big boob problems than the smaller boob problems (as I deem them “problems”).

      • Joanna Rafael

        Thank you for sharing your story and insight with us! I hope you feel great and are happy with your choices :)