5 Mouth-Watering Kosher For Passover Matzah Dessert Recipes

matzah dessertsDon’t let Passover’s food restrictions plague you. Let my people enjoy dessert!

Do you spell it Matzah, Matzo, Matzoh, or some other way? Who cares? When I was just a little Jewish girl who hadn’t even had her Bat Mitzvah yet, I thought there were only a few delicious ways to eat Matzah: in ball form, as matzah pizza, covered in chocolate and my Grandmother’s matzah brie. Thanks to the internet, I am now aware of about a million different ways to eat matzoh that aren’t totally boring. After wandering around Pinterest for what felt like forty years, I finally found the 5 most delicious looking matzah-desserts.

Here are 5 mouth watering matzah dessert recipes for Passover:

1) Matzo S’mores mld104015_0409_21_vert

I am personally angry with every Hebrew School teacher I ever had who did not make these for us during Passover. Be sure to use gelatin-free kosher marshmallows if you want these to be the real deal. via Martha Stewart

2) Chocolate Toffee MatzahScreen Shot 2014-04-04 at 11.55.17 AM

Have you ever seen such fancy looking matzah? Wandering in the dessert wouldn’t have been so tough if all that unleavened bread was coated in chocolate and toffee. via Sweet & Crunchy Blog 

3) Matzo Almond Croccantematzo-almond-croccante

This matzah dessert is even fancier. I didn’t mind my matzah with jelly on top for dessert as a kid, but that’s only because this level of matzah creativity didn’t even exist yet.  via Bon Appetit

4) Marble Matzoh Crunchsquares-stacked-11

Think of it as a sweet marble rye or a black and white cookie that you can eat during pasoch. via Salt and Serenity 

5) Dark Chocolate Banana Matzo Brie6a00e55015ee52883301543256cca1970c-500wi

This isn’t your bubbe’s matzoh brie! This is   via The Bitten Word

Featured Photo via Shutterstock

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    • Alyson Melody

      Those matzo s’mores are ingenious. Nothing can beat fresh matzo brei with a bit of sugar in Safta’s breakfast room, though. <3

      • Robotic Socks

        Goes good with bacon and clams!

    • Lindsey Conklin