Governor Of New York’s Plan To Protect Children From Boobie Pics Is Cute, Also Stupid

boob ad new yorkThe governor of New York wants there to be fewer raunchy ads on the subway, you know, to protect the children from the dangers of looking at breasts. Has he ever even been on the subway? Things that are way more traumatizing than pictures of boobs happen all the time in plain sight, like flashers and public masturbators.

According to CBS,

“New York transit officials are agreeing to reconsider their advertising standards after a top aide to Gov. Andrew Cuomo objected to a cleavage-baring ad for breast enhancement.”

Here’s a little excerpt from a letter to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority written by  Howard Glaser, Cuomo’s director of state operations:

“The MTA is a public conveyance, subsidized by $190 million annually in the state budget, plus over $5 billion in dedicated taxes. The public has a right to expect that the MTA will strive for a family-friendly environment.”

The ad that sparked the letter and potential reform is publicity for Doctors Plastic Surgery and can be seen by impressionable young innocents on 1,000 subway cars. Doctors Plastic Surgery ostensibly paid for the space in stations and on subway cars, but oh no! Taxpayers and their precious children are being subjected to pictures of surgically enhanced breasts.

Other New Yorkers, including this blogger, are wondering what the big deal is. Sure, the ads are objectifying and troubling, but they’re not really vulgar or disturbing. You can’t even see nipple (not that visible nipple would suddenly make boobs scary). Just because the images in question are tacky and selling an operation for bigger boobs, doesn’t make them any less family friendly than other breasts New Yorkers of all ages look at on a daily basis. There are all sorts of boobs in all sorts of ads, as well as all sorts of boobs on all sorts of human people using the MTA every single day. Women aren’t even legally obligated to cover up their top halves in New York, so there’s a chance a completely exposed person with breasts will be blocking the ad from view with their traumatizing body.

Long story short, banning this ad is puritanical nonsense.

H/T Jezebel// Image Screenshot from CBS

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    • HB

      Boobs are not what’s disturbing; presenting fake ones that come with the message that for just so-many-dollars they can be yours to young women who don’t have “perfect” surgically enhanced boobs kind of is. I don’t live anywhere with a subway, but I can think of several places I went/go every day often enough that, as a younger woman, I would’ve probably been negatively influenced by those pictures/message that I should just get surgery to make myself attractive.

      • Joanna Rafael

        I’m pretty sure the masses would be more upset about somewhat graphic images of “natural” breasts, especially considering how much more outraged people usually are about public breastfeeding compared to bikinis. That’s of course due to seeing more airbrushed images of sexy “perfect” breasts instead of neutral ones.

    • Lindsey Conklin

      are we not exposed to boobs everyday?! haha the horror!